and this shall be the new portrait

i am back into the woodcutting swing of things as yesterday began my first woodcutting class at Brooklyn College under the wing of master printer David Lantow. Already, after the first day he has given me a few different angles into printing as well as a few good resources. The first of which is a site  . This website is a good resource for supplies and imagery for the relief arts. All of the images below are taken from there, and while I remembered some artists names, some I was too lazy to go back and look for it, so for that I am sorry... but please enjoy these prints. I do.

linocuts above by david page

woodcut by Rick Finn

woodcut above by Jim Meyer

woodcuts above by Margaret Parker

linocut by Carl Montford

woodcut by Bill Paden

woodcut by Stuart Ross

linocut by Sally Piller


  • Mabel Estremera - 07.26.10
    I was a student of Bill Paden's at NYU from '83-'86. His work was amazing. I remember he used color beautifully. His compositions came together like perfect puzzles. He made it look so easy. Check out more of his work. It's worth it! Miss you Bill!
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