and this shall be the new portrait


welcome back everybody.

welcome back me.

i will probably have to stop this musing frequently because my two cats are quite intrigued with the remnants of my trash can... i must thwart their attempts to un-bin the refuse.
in the meantime... i'll start you off with a picture just for good measure.

when i woke up one morning, i looked down at two of my books which were placed atop one another. completely accidentally, they lined up pretty well i thought with regards to feet and cloth.

ok... but down to busines... in general, i am writing this musing because i need you, the readers, to reply with advice. as it turns out, i don't know how to properly live a life. i am constantly struggling to figure out if growing up is a wise decision yet. see, as it turns out, i have a job that i think is slooooowly draining my soul. or recently, not quite slowly enough. i think i have, or at least at one point, HAD, potential to lead an interesting, funny life.. but recently, i feel like i have to watch scrubs just to remind myself of being young. and i feel like thats quite pathetic, and i really like to make sure i don't lose my ability to enjoy life on a day to day basis.... which is recently the case. and i know some jobs can afford oneself a balance  - but i cant quite figure out where to find it... i mean, this week is supposed to be beard-week-2008. the very week where i shave my beard off in designerlly sections prior to March 1, wherein I am cleanly shorn. However, i can't even bring myself to find the will or time to design my facial hair with the frustrations that berate me from 9am-7pm everyday, let alone want to face those berrations with a funny looking swan-shaped moustache.

don't get me wrong, i really appreciate what a steady, professional job can offer. i have a great apartment, and cats and can go to nice dinners with my girlfriend... but i need to figure out if i should try and break free of the shackles of a debilitating day-to-day routine, or is that just trying to hang onto a college mindset that i should let go of.

any thoughts?

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