and this shall be the new portrait

spring is nye.
this is true.
i could tell by the semi-warm rains this morning
and the skinny birds on my window-ledge that strongly interest my quadro-pedalled cat named tugboat.
i could also tell by the lack of my beard and the spritelyness in my step.
though temporarily, my step has been sideswiped by sore muscles from my return to the aerobic exercise of the fort greene park run.
i run a loop that goes up and down the terrain of the park neighboring my apartment, up some steps, around a wall, past a few dogs, and the like.
it's a good run and allows me a few moments of quiet time in my otherwise non-quiet days. it has recently, also been a reminder that i have been doing this run for almost 4 years now. That's a long time to be running the same loop hmm?...

on a different note, my friend trish sent me some inspiration for next year...
check out these beards HERE

and for a different bit of inspiration, here's a painting i enjoy.
'twas made from a friend of mine who goes by edward holland, though i like to call him "ted", which reminds me off middle school.
he made this painting in venice... fancy pants...

it's called BEATING AROUND THE BUSH. i like that color blue a lot, almost as much as i like carlo crivelli pinks.
more of his work can be seen HERE

As far as painting is concerned, I have been developing some ideas for a new series i hope to start just as soon as my woodcutting class ends. it is the first series of paintings i have conceived as a show in advance, and i hope to one day show them together. i don't want to give too much away before the idea matures a bit, but it essentiallly will be directly referencing scene paintings from greek times through the renaissance and into the romantic periods, but more specifically, focussing on a few of the more interesting, yet more trivial components of those previous works.

welp, i would like to write more, perhaps if i think of something interesting throughout today i will add.


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