and this shall be the new portrait

here's just a few thoughts that have run through my mind today.

with regards to.... i really like when i can add my half and half prior to the coffee, and then use the thrust of the coffee pour as pneumatic stirring pressure

...fruit salad: if i am to ever make a fruit salad i am not going to go and class it down by adding a whole bunch of melon just because its cheaper and a good looking  light green and orange space filler... because the truth is, the melon is good, but i feel like a lot of people fill their fruit salads up with like 65% melon and leave a tiny bit of 35% for the strawberries, grapes, raspberries, pineapple (and if youre lucky... mango) to be hunted and pecked until your left with the dregs of melon-town.

...wet foods: i like my fruit to be constantly wet... like i wish at the edges of my plate i had one of those sprinkler systems that grocery stores have for their produce sections... it would sprinkle every few minutes with a delicate chime just prior to let me know to fork down and back away... because my fruit is about to get all shiny and delicious looking... on the contrary, i like my bread not wet ever. sure, its delicious if its slightly moist from freshness, but maaaaan, when i see a wet piece of bread i'm all heeebie-jeebied out.

...sidewalking: i like to walk like i drive, always on the right... and if i feel like moving slow, i'll go to the far right to allow left lane passers. if i am in a big group, i say caravan style is great... now i'm not talking single file like we're going from the 1st grade classroom to the library for story time... i mean breaking up into small groups one ahead of the other. this allows traffic to pass at will, as well as makes for interesting sub-groups of conversation amidst an otherwise larger and less collaborative approach of large huddles of groups with one conversation going... kind of like an elementary school soccer game... a giant cluster of humans around one central element and like only two people get to kick that central element and the rest just are trying to find the central element to kick.

...tackling: should be done more often of people above the age of 15. don't get me wrong, 15 is the ideal age to tackle someone... but that doesn't mean we should stop when we're 25.

it is still early in the morning... and as it seems... my thoughts have been mostly about food. but i will hopefully update this with a bit more whence i start thinking about other things.

oh... one more... subjectivity versus objectivity: subjectivity exists due to multiple objective mindsets... perhaps that sounds wordy... but i've been in a bunch of situations recently wherein people think that issues are objective and will argue suchly. and i am beginning to realize that those people who think that those things are objective, never see anyone elses viewpoint long enough to know that they are subjective. so say you have an argument or differing opinions... both arguing that they are right and that the answer is objective... well i'd beg to argue that they are both wrong, and multiple objectivities don't exist... thus... they deserve a punch in the eye or something

feel free to add your own...

and just for good measure... how about a link?...

click HERE for a new woodcut. this one is called THE EXHUMIST AT WORK. you can also click on the image for an enlargement. there are some more to come as well.. normally this would be on the FOCUS PAGE.. but it is still being worked on unfortunately.. but for the time being.... this'll do...

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