and this shall be the new portrait

i am not sure if i will ever father anything.
but iiiiiifffff i do.

i have an idea of how to name this tiny human.

my idea would be this: just after the little person is born, and his limbs are all flaily. i would put he/she near a computer keyboard. the first mash of keypad that his tiny hand or foot or bobbly head makes onto the keyboard would become the childs name. for example:

or maybe


that would be how you spell it you see, but perhaps "uiy89y7" would be pronounced "peter" or perhaps "u90-r2" would be pronounced "samantha". so for all intents and purposes, the child would leave a normal life with people pronouncing his/her name in a regular fashion... it would just come to light that his dad is a weirdo and that the child named itself when it was 1 day old when she/he needed to sign a document or a professor was doing roll call or something, wherein after a funny attempt by the professor to say the name he/she'd have to say "its spelled 'j-f-l-;-j-u'... but its pronounced Mark".  then everybody else in the vicinity laughs and communally says in chorus "that is funny and so neat and i like you, young Mark!"  BLAMMO! - this kids got friends now!

just looking out for the little one you know?


ok, the next portion of this musing takes a turn for the more serious. its actually something that made me quite angry and a little disgusted that this mindset exists today... but i thought it necessary to share.  i rarely use this musing as a platform for political, or religious debate, but every so often there comes a time when i feel i must put in my two cents.

the next set of images are screenshots from an email i received from a relative. now i can only hope that this relative doesn't actually agree with the socially inept and close-minded attitude presented in the email forward... i am going to assume that they do not and were simply passing along this forward in an attempt at humor.. so this musing has nothing to do with the forwarder of this forward or of anyone in particular at all, just a mindset that exists in our world.... but it struck a chord with me in a negative way.

now i really like religion, and i enjoy the comforts afforded to me by living in the united states, but things like this reeeeally make me dislike some people who claim to be religious and patriotic, but are really just cloaking their close-minded perspective  in an insincere faux-religious angle.

religion is a great thing in my mind, but sooome people really know how to warp it and misuse it thus giving it a bad name.

ok.... so here we go... here's the forward that was sent to me...

first off... how ignorantly racist about the "learn english" bit. they show an arian young suburban looking lady smiling, and then elude to hanging up on anyone who hasn't mastered an american accented english.  i don't know when it came to be that people think americanized english is the standard of excellence as far as language goes.  the way i see, america is probably one of the few countries wherein the vast majority can only speak one language.  so sure, you have people who come from other lands to the states looking for a better day-to-day, and they've had to overcome some obstacles to get here... the least of which is probably learning a new language. but they get it done, they can speak in two languages, yet also get berated by close-minded-email-forwarding-one-language-speaking people with a bad attitude.  has that general public forgotten where they come from? this country is founded on immigration. it only exists because of people immigrating here from some ancestry, and just because we've been here 200 years or something, we think we have the right to this uppity attitude? it bothers me.  perhaps i am just a bit lucky having a girlfriend from mexico, and living in a city where cultural diversity is the norm... but thats no excuse for people who don't get the privilege of that exposure to perpetuate hatred.

and thats just the tip... to then combine a misapropriated religion and war analogy into that forward makes it all the worst.  for one, the very fundamentals of the christian religion is founded on being non-judgmental and being loving. Christ was a compassionate and loving person... yet a couple thousand years later, we have people who claim to be religious, yet somehow have completely warped the beautiful concepts in the religion and turned it into something that i am ashamed of. I really like religion, its just some religious people reeeeallly get to me.  now don't get me wrong, there are some great ones out there... Martin Luther King Jr is a hero of mine. Christian as well as Jewish and  non-western religions are beautiful and have a lot of validity in my mind... and i am sure there are people that warp the beauties of those religions too, but whats in my face day-to-day is that small percent of  American religious persons who has somehow lost compassion and acceptance and are manipulating it to include this war we are in as a religious effort.

this war was a big mistake and has nothing to do with religion no matter how many lame-forwarded-emails people send about it. and yes, i appreciate military personnel who live their lives to protect others, but when people who send these forwards use that sacrifice of lives as leverage to validate this war its ridiculous to me. i don't know much about politics, but all i can see is thousands of deaths and trillions of dollars lost for little to no benefit.  yes... democracy is a great goal... but this war seemed more about oil and money than safety or bettering life in the world.

and on a slightly more light-hearted note... as an artist... the imagery is just ridiculous, the moving gif at the end of the ribbon swinging is silly, and the weird crucifixion movie set image is just a weird choice... if people are going to spend the time to design these weird forwards, they should at least work on the aesthetics a little bit.

pheuw - sorry about all of that - i, for some reason, felt i needed to react to that forward. i hate forwards to begin with, but i hate when pseudo-religious people try and destroy the beauty of religion, and i really hate racism...


sorry for that rant there...
lastly, to get back to art...

julie melton, my one-and-only sister-in-law sent me a link to the boston globe today.
click HERE to take a look at what the Globe considers to be the top art made by MassArt's MFA student peter froslie
now, if you'll be so kind as to click HERE and HERE to see a sculpture i made 5 years ago in undergrad.

so similar hmmm?... assassin mugshot sculptures made out of found material.... i'm not implying this fella stole my idea, it's just interesting to see what some people are calling the top graduate art today, and its so similar to something i worked on years ago.

oook - the first part of this musing was more fun huh? the baby name thing... remember that?... that was funny


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