and this shall be the new portrait

i've attempted to write a musing now for quite some time. i keep starting them, but life has been so busy that i have yet to finish. and when i don't have time to even write about the life or lack-thereof things've got to change.

in the meantime though, there are some new arts to talk about.

firstly, welcome ryan clinton (*used to be called shean) to the interwebbings and art exhibitioning therein. ryan's artwork continues to develop and we here at huffart love it. now you can too... click HERE.

also, another artist whom we really enjoy work from is damon kowarsky. he's got a new show up of his etchings from mexico... and seeing as we love mexico so much, we were bound to enjoy these. click HERE.

thirdly, i've made a new woodcut - 6 colors for your enjoyment. its called SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO EAT SOME EXTRA CHEESE TO BE HAPPY... and oddly enough, that statement is so true on so many levels. anyway, click HERE to view.

and here's a great video erin mcmonagle passed my way via craig one. a great, giant stop animation, click HERE.

there has been some initial planning for a fort greene park installation dealing with walt whitman, more to come on this.

lastly, the idea of posting official-looking signs around the city is solidifying, more to come on this.

things i want to discuss in the future:
- the man who told me at 530am that he would "restore my faith in humanity" and then swindled me out of my $5.
- umm... other things too

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