and this shall be the new portrait

that is a strange way to start a musing for sure.

but i just wanted to put a notice out there.
i was hoping to start some new traditions in my life
and traditions are much less fun when one does not have another to share the tradition with.

i am looking for certain things that i need to do regularly (albeit it weekly, monthly, or annually). these things can be things i ideally look forward to and experiences i can share with someone. for instance, my friend craig had the idea of starting a tradition of monthly riding the staten island ferry to and fro. this is an exemplar of what i am talking about as it will undoubtedly be fun, and i am sure, at some poing i will have to turn down someone's offer to do something because "sorry, i have this staten island ferry tradition that i have to do because its the 3rd sunday of the month". just having that excuse, and something that i can count on... is great.

if anyone is interested in starting a new tradition and is looking for another to join, i would be more than willing to entertain any ideas,
thus augmenting our tradition-needing beings.

please feel free to use the comments space below with your ideas, or if you'd prefer anonimity, you can email me at

lastly... on the art front, my woodcut class at brooklyn college finally has ended, and i am able once again to pursue some other ideas.
the first of which is a dual portrait of fiamma and myself.
we will hang in two separate gilded frames and be painted with an homage to albrecht durer stylings or rather any other early renaissance profile portraits. the painting is only one aspect of the piece... i hope to use these paintings as a barometer  of the current state of our relationships... the closer i hang the two portraits together, the better our relationship is that day... if perchance we get into an argument, i could go as far as swapping the portraits spaces so instead of facing one another, they face apart.

to get a quick idea of what i am talking about, click HERE to see the preliminary sketch.

also, out of that sketch, i decided to do a tiny linocut of my profile. this piece is called SELF PORTRAIT FOR WHEN I WANT/NEED TO FEEL IMPORTANT. click HERE to see it

also - my portrait reminded me of this Ilya Repin portrait

there are more works in the... well... works.... but i will talk about them as they start to get their respective momentums (momentii?)

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