and this shall be the new portrait

just picture some foxy ladies saying that... thats the life i envision.

no seriously though. i've realized there are two things in life that i want to achieve. i would like eto be (1) extremely competent and (2) constantly and unavoidably nice.

sometimes with my art, or music or moreso occupation, i end a day feeling less competent than i would like. i wish that the things i spent my time doing, i was able to acheive a constant competency insomuch that people could always count on me and i could always know that i would be able to handle any situation without falter. its hard to explain but i think its a good quality to go for.

the second is to be constantly nice. there are a few people i've come across'd in my life journey that just reak of niceness. in all three instances these people and i have only had breif, albeit 2-10 minute encounters, but there niceness remains in my memory. the first was a mcdonalds employee in north carolina when i was in 9th grade. i forget the conversation, but i just remember leaving that mcdonalds so happy. the latter two both are bike shoppe employees ("shoppe" spelling in honor of mr hackley). the first bike shoppe employee is a lady that works at a bike shop on vanderbilt avenue in brooklyn. she has this uncanny ability to engage everyone who comes in and make them feel just unavoidably good. and the second is a bike shoppe employee i just encountered with my brother a few weeks back in philadelphia. i didnt even directly speak to this moustache-filled fella, but just watching his interractions with people reminded me that this disposition is an important goal of mine. the problem is that i am not 100% sure how to get there, but at least i know where i want to go.

also, there are some things i've been reminded of. or rather two artistic expressions i've been reminded of. the first is tom zé. he is a brazilian musician of great creativity. take a look at a myspace page someone made for him HERE. the second artist is that of josh powell. josh is a great friend and a great artist. though some might notice his greatness at artmaking as he is not as vain as we are to have a whole webbed site devoted to it like i am... but we are however lucky enough that he hid some of his work on his flickr page. his sketches are new and are beautiful, but his older prints are also a mighty force. take a look HERE and HERE.

and lastly, one new artist that i've somehow missed even though he's been doing stuff in my hometown since i was the age of 2. this is a man who goes by joe jack talcum. he's been in a lot of bands with a lot of incarnations of his musical stylings, but you can get a glimpses at his myspace page HERE. i also much like this little woodcut animal


and finally, i was treated to an amazing birthday celebratory this weekend by the infamous fiamma piacentini. she did a wonderful job making me feel great and i wanted to share her ability at gift giving. on friday night we went to see eddie izzard perform his stand up at radio city music hall. he was hilarious and it was fun going to that venue as i had never been. on saturday morning we got my favorite bagel and took it to the park, followed by a surprise trip to the russian bathhouse in manhattan where scary russian guys in hot sauna rooms beat eachother with dead leaves. it was quite the experience that we enjoyed. then we saw the WALL-E film. The final surprise was a 2 hour tugboat ride all up the east river and into the gawanus canal. it was a real great time and the cap'n even let me man the wheel amidst a squall. after the ride we went to grimaldi's pizza where craig one and sami and trish joined us for my favorite pizza and a candle-filled cannolli. all in all a great birthday ehh?..

ok... my hands are really hot from this blasted furnace of a laptop so i am going to stop typing.

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