and this shall be the new portrait

i am writing this mornings musing from a bus. thats right, a BOLTBUS that is transporting me from New York to Philadelphia at 830am on saturday morning so i can break faces with my brother all weekend. This travel is, however, slightly different than most bus rides, as I am plugged in ridiculously. I have my laptop plugged into the seat in front of me and am on the internet. Also my cell phone was low on battery, so that is plugged in as well. Of course, I needed to listen to some music to prepare me for the weekend, so i have my ipod and my headphones on. I look like I am some sort of contemporary frankenstein with all these electrodes plugged into me. and also, i am really green with a flat head and two little knobs sticking out of my temples... thats the part that most makes me look like frankenstein... the green and the knobs. all old-timey-monsters aside, this really is the best way to travel i've found. its cool, clean, cheap... and i even have the seat next to me empty, so i can sit perpendicular to the front of the bus and stretch out my little legs across'd two seats.

The Facebreaker is recording this weekend. thats right, we've been doing a lot of work getting some draft tracks down, but its time to record a real EP of good quality so that we can get that out there, find a drummer, and move on to some new stuff. most of these initial tracks are Dutch's compositions which i have added to, along with the aid of a few friends on the way. my brother has a great ability to write music that is simultaneously complex as well as having a nice folk i hope we can just record them with justice to the concept. while life in new york does make me a busy/tired working-chump... i have also been writing some music and we will focus on a few of those post this EP.

As for visual art. I have been gaining a lot of inspiration from the woodcuts in the nuremberg chronicle. for example...

these woodcuts are so beautiful in their early wrongedness of perspective, and size proportions and wondrous storytelling. so much so that they have become the inspiration behind my newest series of two colored woodcuts. the series (so far consisting of 8 scenes) will be called A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A 27-YEAR OLD RETOUCHER IN NEW YORK CITY. using the above imagery-style as inspiration, i plan to print the mundane story of my day-to-day routine. I think the idea is kind of funny that such a boring day-to-day necessities such a once-glorious means of visualization. i've already got the scenes layed out and have started sketching.

as for other woodcuts coming up, i am starting ideas on a facebreaker image for that aforementioned EP. Also, there has been talk with my friend David Abbott in collaborating on a piece... possibly themed on battle or imaginary geographical locations... or both.

another note of interest. in a weeks time, i will have started my annual august vacation. i have the whole month off to do as i please. and while i was trying to plan the schedule, i already realized that i wish had more time.  but in store for the forthcoming month are many-a-fun-activity, such as: bike ride to tilden beach, guitar tune-ups, re-recording my musicbox pieces, dutch visit, mom visit, courtney visit, cora visit, travel to baltimore, radiohead concert, lila downs concert, brooklyn college printing, fiamma and tj trip to costa rica (thats the big one), and more. i am real excited for this august, i have been waIting 7 months since my last holiday in december.

a few weeks back i went to the whitney museum with my friend henry tam. we had a real good time at the museum and post when we ate a ridiculous amount of oysters from all over the atlantic and pacific borders. while at the whitney though, i was reminded how great it is to get to museums. especially the whitney, which is a bit quieter than most of the others in the area when its not the biennial. i saw some great stuff, and here's a little taste. it also served as a great reminder to try and fight the numbing qualities that are inherent in living so close to new york splendor... its a great town, and so often we new yorkers forget to enjoy the seemingly touristy things that are attractions from afar for that very reason... ok... to the pictures (do i use "..." too often i wonder?)...

these first two paintings are by a guy named paul cadmus. who i didnt have much familiarity with. he works in egg tempera and oil. i am always admiring the egg-tempera qualities it exudes... i hope to try it again soon.

this one is a picture of coney island... not too far off from reality


here are two works by george tooker. not all of his stuff is as great i found out after a little bit of googling... but these ones are creepy and neat

more  tooker

here we have two charles scheeler works - i think this one is of brooklyn. it certainly looks so.


and i believe this one to be from pittsburgh (what's in pittsburgh?... [cue david bowie-andy warhol voice]) i really like this one. nice and quiet, nice and human-less, nice soft whites.
I also recently traveled with fiamma down to harrisonburg to celebrate mariana bowling's wedding. it was great to see some old friends, and also see some not-so-old-ones such as josh powell (on his last days as an east coaster). we went to the little grill, got klines and daves taverna, and jumped off rockage into into the broadway blue hole. i have pictures of this weekend that i have to upload to the computer, and then i will put some up here as well as hopefully remember to send them to josh.

thats about it for now. i need to go plug in a few more things and see how much electricity i can put into my system before mid morning.

oh shoot... wait... lastly... i have started printing some postcards. i want to send some postcard art out to folks. if you are interested in receiving postcard mail, please send me your address - and if you also want to put in your birthday - maybe you'll get a little birthday treat one day as well (i am thinking of a lot of friends when i write this. one though, that i want to make sure, if they read this they add their address are the hnizdovsky's). but everyone can send their address to me HERE if you like.

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