and this shall be the new portrait

Hello to all.
I tried to write this musing once before,
and it was beautiful... filled with ideas, ponderances, pictures, love-of-life.... but it died.

it died a horrible death as i was logged out while writing and as i pushed the "upload" button, all was thrown into the proverbial wasteland that is logged-out-ed-ness.

so, in essence, you missed a musing about mine and fiamma's trip to costa rica and elements of what i did over my august vacation. but now i want to talk about a few other things. firstly... politics.

i am not that smart when it comes to politics, but i know the importance of the upcoming election so i've been paying close attention. i think haruki murakami said it best when he said something along the lines of not fearing necessarily the leaders who have less-than-perfect agendas, but moreso the masses who blindly follow those and are so easily swayed.  i'm sure he said it much more poetically, and much more japanesily... but the essence is in accordance with how i am feeling recently.  I've been noticing the McCain camp really telling complete lies and fabricating a sound governmental plan on the basis of "hardworking guys and gals who need to shake things up and talk straight! yee haw!". I really have disgust toward this pandering and these lies.  On one hand I can completely understand how people have differing views when it comes to republican versus democratic views... but the situation is not really about that. Its more about close minded conservatism and quick-fix, help-myself-first mindsets versus long term good and global humility. I hear people that I am very close to (out of the same simultaneous womb to be exact) call me ignorant for being for Obama.  Their grounding was, "So you want your taxes raised and us to fall under attack".  At first I was real bummed that people could use this diatribe and use it so seriously... but then I listen to the McCain camp and FoxNews tell such lies that I realize if people don't really investigate the facts, they can become swayed so easily. McCain and Palin keep saying that Obama wants to raise our taxes, but the facts say that 91% of people will have lowered taxes with Obama and that only people with $250,000 / yr salaries will have raised taxes.  this is only one example of how complete lies can manipulate an entire country down the road of peril.

With regards to my own art, I am showing some work in a group show in Red Hook (Brooklyn) on Sept 26th. The place is called Basin Art Barn and is showing some friends work as well (Caitlin Maloney and Groana Melendez) Some of the profits are going towards a benefit called Giving for Living. If you are in the area you should swing by... woodcuts and beer... what could be better?

With regards to other folks' art... here are two woodcut presses/ communities that are doing great work.

TUGBOAT PRESS (click link)
- i can't believe i had never heard of these guys before, they are from pittsburgh and apparently have my simulatneous love for woodcutting, tugboats, anchors and whales... an odd coincidence. they also cut beautifully and their art is pretty cheap.

this group is from brooklyn and do a lot of large-scale work. with artists the likes of swoon in residence, these guys produce a lot of great stuff... some thats not my cup of tea, but a lot that is.

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