and this shall be the new portrait

tomorrow is not only tuesday, and not only the autumnal equinox, but more importantly is the celebration of john coltrane's birth. some 80 years ago North Carolina became home to the young John Coltrane. Some 20 years later Philadelphia accepted the young tenor player into their arms. Today people such as myself celebrate him, his music, and this day with much fervor.

If you too would like to participate in the celebratory affairs it's quite easy and fun. All you have to do is listen to a lot of his music, and eat some sweets as he had quite the sweet tooth. If you want to go as far as putting a candle in your sweets while whistling the song WELCOME (as the melody sounds a lot like happy birthday) ... well that's just dandy. I would however not want you to do heroine... though that was an early vice of Coltrane, he kicked that habit and i'm sure would not suggest to his legions of fans (you included)

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