and this shall be the new portrait

this one is a crowd participation event.
i am interested in what people have as their favorites.
now i am not talking "my all time favorite (blank) is...", I am more talking, "one of my favorite (blanks) is..."

ideally i would like to compile a communal list of some our favorite things.
i am going to list a few, and i suggest that you, the reader, list some of your favorite things.

i'll start below, and in fact, i am not even going to list my ALL TIME favorite musician, because we all know that is JOHN COLTRANE. but i'll list another favorite.

so here goes - please join in as much as you can:

muffins are blueberry muffins
musicians is aram khachaturian
pieces of art is Manet's Execution of Maximillian (BOSTON MFA version)
liquors is tequilla
things to do in a park is get real dizzy

ok... now you guys go...

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