and this shall be the new portrait

i think "God Bless You" is important to say to strangers and animals when they sneeze. Reserving one's post sneezing blessings for human friends just seems silly to me.

my cats sneeze, and i like to acknowledge. the guy on the subway sneezes, and i want to let him know that i noticed and am balancing his nasally-removed soul with a "Guzzundheit!" to thrust that soul back in the nasal canal and back to his brain.

thats a thought of 2am when my cats were apparently allergic to the wee hours as i was cutting my woodcut. i am working on a few new ones to get a plausible portfolio together. last night i was doing the final cuts for the keyline of my newest overheard conversation piece. this one is called "you know, in english?... a 'schtick'?". i should have it posted by sometime early next week.

today i will put the finishing touches on the scene 1 (of 12) of the series 24-hrs-of-a-27-yr-old-retoucher-in-nyc. this one is turning out ok. i am pleased that while the content may not always be getting better in my new works, the craft is always slightly augmenting itself. these new ones have a nice look i think, though i do need to figure out how to sharpen my tiniest V-tool soon or the works will start to suffer. its just that 70 degree 1mm blade is so hard to get nice and sharp. now don't be confused, i've already done scene 4, i am doing them out of order.

also i plan on starting another overheard conversation piece later this week. additionally, i've had some new ideas about some more series's to cut. one is a series called "GEORGE WASHINGTON CROSSING THINGS OTHER THAN THE DELAWARE RIVER". of course i am referencing this painting.


but i will change mediums to a woodcut and circumstances to crossings less historical... for instance, so far i've got crossing...
... the line
... the road
... a bowtie
... a friend
... a really small, creek-like river
... polination
... a "T" letter
... the rubicon
... himself like a catholic person

though i need some more ideas, so if you've got one please email me.

oh, and i thought i'd post a few pictures of me working. there not the greatest pictures as they don't give you a good scope of my set up, but there the ones i had... so deal with it... oh my gosh, i'm so sorry.

so here i am at my favorite desk working on an overheard conversation piece. you can see my reference sketch and tools around. also you can see 2 of my 4 custom made dowels there. they are not in use at this time, but i usually use them a lot when printing or cutting wood. there's also a nice picture of aaron gause doing the splits. i am nervous though that the goggles do a great job at helping me see detail, but changing from viewing through them to regular human view so often really strains the old eyeballs too much. also, look at that hunched back needed to do the lino-cuts... not good posture, not good eyework... soon i'll be an old man.


here we have a detail of the desk. i sometimes cut a little test cut to see if my lines will work. here i am  using linoleum because the detail work is too fine for wood. i prefer wood over lino, but sometimes need to use the latter out of necessity. this here is when i was working on the scene 1 i mentioned above.


and sometimes when i work, this happens. tugboat likes to sit on top of my computer and linoleum when i am working. i dont know if he likes the attention, or the heat coming from the workspace or what... but its hard to push that cute little face out of the way.

for non art news, i wanted to mention that yo la tengo is perhaps the most happy-sad band that ever existed. for those of you who don't know the hybrid emotion of happy-sad, its my favorite hybrid emotion. you feel good and bummed at the same time. it sometimes involves a bit of nostalgia, and sometimes makes you smile with your lips closed.

another bit of music talk; don't listen to coldplay at 3am. it really just makes you kind of girly. i like coldplay, i used to not like to admit this, but i do.

and more on the music; moron the music. there's a pianist named reinbert de leeuw. not only is that a great name, he also has a great recording of satie pieces where he plays them ridiculously slowly. i quite enjoy.

well its tuesday morning and i am really enjoying my vacation days at home. i am in bed working and really appreciating it. tonight fiamma and i will be going to see gogol bordello. i mentioned those guys in a previous musing. they are crazy, and it should be a good time. today i am also going to go check out a gym called eastern athletic club. they have 4 locations near my apt and work and they have a weight room, pool and racquetball court.... so it could be a good way to spend some of my hard earned money to keep fit. later on during this break i am going to spa castle with fiamma for some relaxation and soon thereafter to see keigwin dance company, and also adam hopkins comes up for a visit to see some music at jazz gallery. lots to look forward to.

oH! i almost forgot. i redesigned my webbed site last week. it will take a little while until i can get sigfrido to spend some time on the back end... but soon a fully functional, newly aestheticized site will be up. keep a lookin'

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