and this shall be the new portrait

(*** amended bit  - 3 new prints up in the prints section - check it out)

i am ill
not in the cool way like rappers are.
but i have a temperature of 101.6 and have been evacuating my lunch on my knees affront the commode.

so, i shouldn't be doing daily musing
but i had some ideas that i had to get out

despite the fact that the computer is freeeeezing my sick hands.


here goes, here are the topics i hope to cover and  am going to list them first so i dont forget.

1. the worst bit of vomitting after you've passed the gut-wrenching part, and ridded yourself of the nasal cavity bile stench. well the worst part is, not being able to eat that food again. epecially if youre reeeaalll sick (and let me just pause right now to excuse any possible incoherence that might be forthcoming... as i mentioned... i'm ill)

ok... so this post-vomitting de-valuation of food has occured to some foods that i now hate, even though i would've otherwise probably quite enjoyed them.
it accounts for my distaste for chicken noodle soup and ginger ale. these liquidy foods/drinks might be delicious... i don't know... i was served them just prior to an upchucking and now hate them.

by the way - for those of you who think, "this guy's sick? yeah right!... if he were that sick he wouldn't want to type"... well let me just tell you.i am that sick, but i need something to take my mind off of the image of rick moranis in spaceballs fighting with his phlacid lightsaber... when i think of that image... i've known since the age of 10 or so that i am about to vomit.... so please don't make me think of it anymore and just let me write my musing. .. but watch starting at 0:58

ok.... back to the foods. vommittous related foods and me also extends to hot pockets. i can't stand the microwaveable burning shells of disgust. i had them one christmas eve when my dad and i went downtown shopping for diamonds for my mom for christmas. it probably would've been a special bonding moment if i wasn't spewing recently masticated hot pockets intermittently out of the jeep window. this was in i think 7th or 8th grade. i thiiiiink thats when we got the jeep. and i remember kate vanhorn was involved in the story somehow.... maybe i was supposed to go visit her or something that night. i didn't.... and lucky for her... because if i had i might now haveto associate her with hotpockets... which is no good company.

the sickest i've ever been was in puerto vallarta. i met fiamma's mom for the first time

oh shoot! i forgot these were supposed to be bullets... ok... here they come:

1. bach cello suites real loud in case you haven't recently.
2. jillian tamaki's illustration

here's a sketch of hers meshed with a woodcut snippet of mine which will help illustrate my night. more info on her below

3. my art making process depends on making mistakes.... they usually account for the better art i accidentally  make. i wonder, for those artists like me who depend on messing up... is getting more proficient and mastering your skill reducing those mistakes? and thus creating harm to that process? orrr.... does the mastery balance out the need for mistakes, and also the hat on my head right now is getting hot, but my hair is still wet because i took a shower sitting on top of an overturned trashcan. if i take the hat off... my wet hair will get quickly cold... but if i leave it on... boy oh boy ismy head hot. ok... back to the accident... is there an infinite amount of mistakes you can make, and even though i am getting better at my craft, i can go on countless limbs to make even more mistakes, and in this case is getting better at my craft helpful to those mistakes? because it allows me to spend more time with the art, thus increasing the occurance of possible mistakes?

ok - hat off temporarily - its a winter hat. actually a winter ski mask only sitting atop my head like a yamikah. i don't know how to spell yamika. also i don't know if its lightsaber® or lightsaver®. i've never known... does that make me more or less a geek? okay where was i. yes... uncle rob gave me this hat/ski mask for christmas maybe 4 years ago. i think he thought it would be funny. it is useful. and thus humor is useful. in christmas present form.

ok... now going waaay back.. that last bullet got kind of long... i don'tknow if its technically a bullet anymore, and if i even need to revisit the topic. but back to the vomit-associated foods. in puerto vallarta i just met cora (fiamma's mom) and not 48 hours later i am hurling the worst i ever had in a bathroom adjacent to her new years eve party~!~ whoa! i just realized. i am sick now, and its 1/4/09 i was sick in puerto vallarta on new years eve of 07? and that hotpocket incident was on christmas eve/./.... the holidays make me sick? this is something to investigate... not very nice kris kringle.

ok - but back in vallarta - earlier that day i had eaten a lot of these fried dough ring with lime and pepper flakes on them. oh man... its sooo gross to me now. its probably a great treat... but it is the strongest association to a gag reflex i have... probably stronger than that spaceballs incident i dont like to mention.

and fiiinally, the reason for all this gross food talk. and for those of you still reading. i am sorry i didn't add a disclaimer at the beginning saying it'd be gross. i hope you werent offended. of course i could go up to the top now and add one, but then this paragraph would be moot. and you don't want to make a 101.6 temperatured fella make moot paragraphs do you?

DO YOU?!?!

so today i went to a new restaurant in my neighborhood called the GENERAL has a pretty good brunch and i ate one of their brunches that i want to eat again - so hopefully i won't have the same association as the aforementioned.
ok.  topic two.
what was it. i think it was the bach cello suites as played by yo yo ma.
man oh man!.
that guy is good. both bach and yo yo ma. can cellists revisit these pieces for recording? or are they untouchable now? like swingin' at the savoy after louis and ella did it? anyways. its on. all of them - we'll see if i get through them all, but they are great and they are loud and i like them. i havent listened to them in years because they were a bit obvious i guess. maybe i outplayed them in sophomore year of college. but they are on now because jad aboomrad (bad spelling again) said he would want to put one particular one in karl sagan's voyager. i was intereted in which one. so i am listening. thjey are great. i suggest if you have them - play them real loud in headphones. i am not wearing headphones, but i am sick, and wish i could withought giving me a headache. but you should and i youf you dont have them. for crying out loud go out and get them. they are art at its best i think.

topic three
i recently stumbled across a candian-now-brooklyner illustrator. her name jillian tamaki and if you clicK HERE you can go to her site. please do, and also check out her blog. its also pretty great.

the image above of a guy slumped over a toilet is a quick merging of her inks and my woodcut snippet. it spawned the idea of mistakes in art versus mastery. she's a pretty good master, but i can't help but think the way theink dried on the guys thigh was intentional. it wan't really a mistake i guess, but it was exploration. i like it. i could be wrong butithink it miiight be the head taken off of a bic pen and drawing with just the ink stem. i used to do that and it made for good dry ink smears (schmears) and sometimes a little ink and sometimesa lot

try it out if you like
i have a headache. i amtaking a break right now.

oh yeah- new sound pieces.

i was supposed to record a new sound piece today of overlapping guitars soloing and solo'd so they have no music with which to rest their weary heads. i really want to put on all sorts of music, and play some over-the-top kind of dumb guitar solos and see if they have any merit if i overlap them
guitars wailing

and then i had a new idea just now. i want to find about a dozen of my favorite songs, and a dozen of my least favorite songs. then i want to overlap each group and find the point at which they feel the same to me

how many overlaps is neeeded to make them equally enjoyable?
we shall see

ok - gotta sleep off this horridness.
so ill
but i did it for you guys
yoou guys
yooou guys
the piiiizza
yooooou guys

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