and this shall be the new portrait

i usually don't like to over-explain any artworks of mine. especially not before the audience has had some time to digest it. but i am going to make an exception here because i want to talk about the idea behind my newest sound piece.  it is called PLAYING THE BROWNS and it can be heard HERE.  the basic premise behind the piece is that i wanted listen to all sorts of  blues tunes on headphones while simutaneously improvising over them on guitar. i then recorded just my guitar parts, and after i did this to about a dozen or so songs, i merged all the recordings together to play atop one another so you get another onslaught of sound from my sound pieces. this time its all me, playing more or less blues changes overtop of tunes in different keys, and meters.

the idea behind the title is a play on words with "the blues" and an analogy of working with pigmented colors. if a painter takes a dozen or so random colors and mixes them all atop one another, he'll get a nice, gross brown color. in the same way, i am mixing all these different colors of solos atop of one another to get a nice brown muddy mess. now in this case, i am also referencing the fact that a majority of my improvising is pigeonholed into  a couple different styles and i feel a bit limited by it. in this case, just playing the blues is even more limiting.  i guess i just get a bit bored with playing that type of guitar and was looking for a way to make a comment about it, and hopefully find something interesting by taking my approaches out of context and beating them together.

i feel the same way about my abilities as a painter. i have some skills i guess, but am definetely limited at this stage in my life in the same way that i am limited in the type of music i can succesfully improvise over. so in some ways, this piece is a reminder for me to expand my own abilities i guess.

ok... thats enough artspeak... listen to the clip that is linked above, and feel free to share your thoughts
another sound piece is coming soon.


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