and this shall be the new portrait

with the drool still resting damply in my cheek/beard area... i woke up on saturday just as the sun was setting at 6pm. i was listening to LET'S GO SAILING as i napped. and while they are one of the more girly bands i will admit to listening to... boy do i like them sometimes... click HERE for their myspace page.

also, there' a quote that i read the other day and i've been thinking about it lots. the quote is from john steinbeck's East of Eden and it goes like this:

no one who is young is ever going to be old

so i just had two new theories i just came up with.

one is - weekends are two days long... and if you are like me with a full time mon-fri job, you ususally surmount quite a significant numberr of things needed to get accomplished. i usually rise earlier than i like to on a saturday and slowly start getting things done for the rest of the weekend.. running at about 40% accomplishment capacity... what i propose is this - treat the saturday like a total DO-NOTHING day. don't accomplish anything - just relax and leave it as plan-less as you can. then on sunday, youre rested and you can rise and turn that 40% up to a 75% accomplishment capacity and really get a lot of things done... and you end the week feeling good about what you've accomplished... because of this new philosophy, i put off going to the gym, buying some household items, and really leaving the house. instead i played with some pictures, looked at some websites, played with my cats, hungout with sigfrido, napped and soon i will go to grimaldi's with craig and ed after i shower gargle with salt water...

... which brings me to my other new theory... salt is great. it really tastes good and juxtaposes sweet things nicely - it even cures what ails ya. i currently have both a really sore throat and a really sore toe. gargling with salt water will cure the throat and i will also netty pot to clear the sinus canals with a salt water bath, and epsom sal baths will prep my toe for in-grown nail exploration and make it all nice and healthy... way to go salt!

ok - time to go take that shower.

here' a picture for good measure...

(oh man - i just sneezed onto the computer screen... gross)

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