and this shall be the new portrait

The earth is starting to rotate back, allowing the northern hemisphere to face more directly toward the sun and thus warm us up, therein allowing my beard to come off. I've kept a bit of facial hair in anchor form just below my jaw and just atop my lip.... but the hirsute, covered visage I've adorned for the last 6 months is crawling out of its hairy cave like the first few steps of  a baby bear post-hibernation.  With all of this in mind, I'm happy for the slow transition into spring.

As the earth thrusts forward in its revolution, I've been delving backward into some music of my yesteryear, and as much as I like to pretend sometimes that I've moved beyond my early 90's music tastes, truth is I don't think I have nor will I fully ever. This week I listened to Pearl Jams No Code album... Sheesh thats got some gems on there. As well as Counting Crows' August and Everything After. Everything except that Mr. Jones song holds a strong emotional grip to the memories of a 7th grade TJ. Lastly, I just put on some Bob Marley, and though I rarely listen to him anymore, boy oh boy he'll make you feel good right away. Right now I'm listening to the Wilco with Billy Bragg album which also has some bad songs... but some real nice ones to balance it rightly.  While this is a tip of the hat to older songs, I've also been listening to a lot of new stuff. Just today I've been enjoying the music of Olafur Arnalds and Susuma Yokota who makes some nice simple music.

But enough about what I'm listening to, how about we talk about what I'm reading: Jonathan Safran Foer's EATING ANIMALS. This book is a book that I didn't necessarily want to read. I wanted to stay ignorant to how vaguely I understood meat got to my plate. What happened was, this book was an eye opener so much so that I've given up 90% of my meat consumption. I add an extra 10% because I still eat meat if it is from the farmer's market and local and seemingly-socially-consciously killed. Though truth be told, I think it might be an easier transition to just go the whole 100% vegetarian. What's more is, I think this book is just important. It's factual, thorough, honest and a very well-written bit of text that deals with something that is very important to you and me on so many levels. I strongly urge everyone to read this book, not to change you or the way you eat, but simply because the weight of the issues at hand are so large and so near to us that I think it's important that we know some of the facts about the things we put in our bodies on a daily basis. Please give it a go and write back here to let me know your thoughts. Don't be as opposed to the idea of reading it as I was because you it's something you don't want to confront. Just because we pretend something isn't happening doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.... and in this instance we are all active elements regardless of our wills, so why not educate ourselves just a bit. If anyone's in the NYC area, you're more than welcome to my copy.

Lastly, I've finally pieced together a recording set up that is simple yet smart enough to allow me to record. Let's face it, it's probably simple yet smart enough to take home & go steady with. It involves a pair of 2 Rode NT5 mics which I plan to use in XY formation, Apogee Duet audio interface, and a 2-octave mini-midi keyboard all going through Logic Pro 7 (an earlier logic graciously donated by Sami Jano of Triple Down Records) because I am not fancy and Intel-ly enough to run Logic 9

Lastly I'm hoping to do a new series of photographs with my special ladyfriend Fiamma that focusses on white-on-white images. Here's not an example that we didn't even shoot... it's someone elses pic of something different... but something at least with some nice whites

And finally, here's a couple images I just like for good measure, have a nice day now:

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