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Whilst at the computer, I sit often times with my left hand coupling my nostril area. it's kind of like a half-relaxed handshape that one might find in an early religious painting that sits like a hammock underneath my snout. Well as it happens today, that very hand is  emitting a garliccy smell. See I made a stir-fry last night and threw in a bit of garlic because I was out of shallots and the oils from the garlic cutting are still somehow embedded in my fingertips after multiple washings and even a long shower. So this morning, I'm the victim of my own habits and my own stir-fry as I cuddle my face with my palm, but on the good side, at least I am temporarily safe from vampires.

Speaking of things this morning that could be good or bad, I've got two more bad ones, and hopefully while thinking of those I can brainstorm two good ones to counter it like the see-saw of my morning-mood. First the bad, but let's be frank here, this first bad one ain't really that bad at all, I'm just complaining (I think I used way too many commas in that sentence, perhaps a semicolon or parentheses would've been useful). Ok, so to the first, there's about 5 air conditioning workers here at the studio fixing some unit we've got at work and one of them is currently reeallly getting into some good vacuuming. And the sound of a vacuum, that loud, monotonous sucking sound really is some noise pollution for a tuesday morning. No matter how loud I turn up the Velvet Underground, you just can't rid that drone. So that's a bad, but here's a good... the sound reminds me of my first dog Scamper. He  was a collie and had a heck of a lot of hair like me. So my mom made us vacuum everyday and the drone reminds me of having to pick up his hair... which isn't necessarily great, but reminding me of him is great. He was an unbelievable dog for a TJ from 2nd grade to 15th grade and I miss him everytime I walk in the door in Oreland as well as anytime I lie on a floor. I think dogs and kids growing up go real well together and I hope to someday continue that tradition.

Now, for the second bad. This morning, while walking to work, I walk (like I do everyday I don't bike) through Fort Greene Park, park established by Walt Whitman, a tree was cut right down in half. I'm not Mr. 100-percent-Sure, but I think it might've been caused by a bolt of lightning during last nights storm. It made me a bit sad because it was so old and so large and now I'm not sure how it will fare. It's seen Brooklyn from the days when it was mostly farmland to the current urban environment to which it sat upon a last small green pedestal of grass.

Another thing I like lots recently is " ~ " that symbol. I've just started using it and it's gotten to be quite. Just as funny and small are Italian Greyhounds. I once took a dog quiz on GONE2THEDOGS.COM and found out if I were a canine, I'd most likely be an italian greyhound (click the link above and then click on GAMES to take the quiz for yourself. I didn't give it a second thought until I saw this video and reeeallly liked the guy. Now, Border Collies from an animal rescue shelter'd be how I go if I ever got one, but these guys aaare pretty hard to resist

and here's another dog pic that I just enjoy:

One last dog bit, a link to a great 1000FPM video HERE

Speaking of things that are hard to resist... 2 months ago I gave up daily coffees. Not for any specific reasons, just overall-well-being shifts that I wanted to set in the right direction. After a couple days the caffeine withdrawal finished it's course and I felt fine ~ or so I thought. But what I came to realize was... I'm ok without coffee, but I'm certainly not as affable. So now, Friday mornings I indulge with a coffee on my non-bike-into-work-walk and find that the first part of friday I certainly have an airy-humor about my step. Moreso than the other 4 workweekdays. The backlash of this coffee however is it makes me a bit antsy, which in turn makes it tough to want to sit in a dark room in front of computer screens for hours, but this is just a balance I need to better figure out.

As for other things hard to resist... The Hackleys site is back online and in bloggy format. David Abbott is the big cheese behind Hackley's and has used the Hackley's webspace for arts, artspeak and general contemplation. David has shed previous vestiges and I'm excited to see how this new one will take shape. It is a favorite website of mine and I'm happy to see it up once again. You can check it out HERE.

And one more thing that's hard to resist these days. I've taken up the popular practice of Yoga. See, I needed a change in my weekly exercise routine. Now I lift weights on Monday mornings, swim on Tuesday nights, and practice core Vinyasa Yoga on Thursday nights. At first I guffawed at how trendy and seemingly simple yoga was. But after a few months, I really have learned to respect and appreciate what it has to offer. I am by all definitions way down at the bottom of the scale of novice-hood, but I really appreciate the yoga class for how it helps you reflect on your current physical and mental well-being. It is a respite for my otherwise all-too-jarbled brain and muscles and the weekly release on Thursday nights is both exhausting and energizing. I suggest to anyone like me who has previously guffawed.

I've been perusing some new sites that are more-or-less print and ex libris libraries. You can find links in my LINKS page. But here are a few of the images I've enjoyed:

Lastly, here's a great youtube link of a woman playing guitar slightly differently. I like how indifferent the guy in the back is. click HERE


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    Oh man that Botswana guitar is so GOOD!!

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