and this shall be the new portrait

Well, I started this musing about 25 minutes ago, then somehow i misfired a mouseclick and BOOM!~ the entry disapeared into thin binarily-coded-air. While I would love to rewrite the entry thus far, I just can't muster up the same wording and enthusiasm, which is a real pisser because it was a goldenny-hued fondness for Saturday mornings wherein I spoke of:

~ waking up with me cats in the cruxes of my bed
~ a dream with Robin Williams and his family vacationing with me
    at a beachhouse that had thousand of rat inhabitants under the
    porch with pigeons in their mouths and Robin Williams
    yelling "THE PIGEONS! THEY'RE SO DRY!"
~ reading Nadia Mercer's blog about her cycling trip through Europe
    ( )
~ visiting Hackley's and liking to hear of David Abbott's day-to-day
    eeven though a big ocean stands in the way of me experiencing
    that day-to-day firsthand
~ missing good ole J-Po's palindroam blog and knowing how his
    day-to-day is daying thus far

... and other things that I'd like to think were worded much nicer than those words. Basically, the whole sentiment was that saturday mornings are one of my favorite times. They are quiet and I can finally just be a slow-moving-receptacle of good things like others' blogs and tea and things of this nature. This particular saturday morning is going to be cut short of its normal routine wherein I head to the farmers market for bread, milk, eggs and a muffin as I am headed to Pennsylvania. Your nephew only has 1 first Easter right? Also I am going to visit a friend Chad for some art and if you know Chad then you know how exciting that art can be.

I made a business card yesterday. It made me feel grown-up in a way that I think is ok. The same sort of ok like when I like wearing-my-1-of-3-suits-to-the-symphony-being-old-ok. This past symphony going was a Mozart piano concerto focused outing and I snuck in a small mexican flask of Rowan Creek bourbon to keep me company at intermission. It's just so much tastier and cheaper than the $13 alternatives. Though I just found out that next week Brahms symphone #4 is playing and that's one of my favorites, so I'm trying to get out of my responsibilities that night to get to the music but we shall see. But baaaack to the business card, I made one because recently I've been asked for a business card and my response left me feeling sheepish and staring at the ground while I twist the ball of one of my feet into the same spot on the floor. But now with my new ammunition of handmade-handcut cards I will be right happy to dole them out at even the slightest suggestion of someone needing my email or phone number.

Speaking of doling out things, I'd love to dole out some more words, but the fire in my belly has been slightly extinguished when that first attempt this morning bit the dust, and now I've gotta start prepping my day for my travels, but I shall dole out a couple o images for you. Speaking of doling out things, this musing can be a two-way street, and its much more fun if it is, so hows-about-it folks>? leave a comment or two?


  • David - 04.06.10
    i love those first two images, and I will be looking for Rowan Creek. In keeping with the "grown-up" theme I have been contemplating beginning a liquor collection and Rowan Creek seems like a viable opening bottle. Also, a bottle of Knockando will go there too - for Mr. Michael Hurley who I love so well. Always great to read your wordfests

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