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Last night I watched the Daily Show. And normally I love the Daily Show but sheesh did it depress me last night. Just hearing about North Korea and Israel and the Oil Spill ~ Sometimes it's just too much for  a TJ. I'm lucky to have Fiamma though, she's real nickels-worth-of-comfort and makes me feel pretty good. Though I still didn't sleep too well, which made me wake up at 6am. Which is ok though, because I like being up early. 5am-9am is a real great time of the day. Maybe my favorite time of the day because it's so quiet and so nice. And my head starts off real quiet which is indeed a change but then goes on to getting filled. But the good thing is, it gets filled with things that are aok. If I spend that time looking at arts or listening to music or getting inspired, by 9am I've got all this steam in my head to do something fun but then I have to go to work... which is a bummer sometimes, but ok.

Aaanyways. This mornings early wake up produced some good ideas I think. I got two new print ideas and figured out a couple of things that I've been trying to figure out. The way to get to these things is, I've found, to allow myself to get sidetracked sometimes. I think tangents, if you pile enough of them onto one another, usually get you in a pretty good direction, and perhaps one that you would'nt be able to get to otherwise. So, like I always say, I'm going to try and be up early again more... I just hope I don't forget. I listened to a Radiolab about a Russian guy who couldn't forget anything, he remembered EVERYTHING and it eventually drove him nuts. I don't want that extreme, but I do wish I were a little less forgetful.

The table I have been building is underway. The woodshop is crafting the table top, and just last night I pieced together all of the legs and measured out the 2 protruding poles for the table-top drill-holes to align with. The bottom looks a little bit like its some old time scuba equipment and I think I like that. Here's a quick photo of the legs loosely put together as well as my most recent sketch for the table-top-builders so their measurements for the drilling is perfect. You can't see it in this small 550px version but the drawing is accurate to the 1/32" and is measured as best as a TJ humanly could:

see? doesn't it look like scuba gear kinda?

I recently found out from my good friend Tae about the fun art-attempts of Katie Socoler. After looking at the link I was really appreciating how much fun she seems to be having. Here are a few examples ~ but check out both her site and blog for more:

I think a lot of people try and look for reasons to stay happy in situations that are not their own. A grass-is-greener mindset always leaves people yearning but I am not sure that's the best approach. I think the real way for me to grasp a good situation is making my own situation fun. I can view others' lives and/or arts and be a bit jealous... or even more to-home, I can think about my days in the past or in the future and yearn to make them fun... but those things will never really be attainable, I think it has a lot to do with making those moments happen at the present. My friend Johnny Kilmartin had this ability to make wherever he was, the greatest place to be. When you hung out with him it really made you feel great and I think it was because he kept that mindset constant. I need a reminder to be that way somehow. I also need a reminder that things that get me sometimes serious... like work or city-life or the news need to sometimes be kept in perspective.... how to remember this on a daily basis? any ideas? {***few moments in time passes***} Actually... now that I had a few moments I think I have an idea... and its the same idea as I have with tattoos. I get tattoos because I need reminders of things. I need something thats going to be physically stuck to me and visually around enough to serve as a constant reminder of things i wish not to forget. Now of course I coooould try and think of a tattoo to get for this idea above... but what if I did something better and made my home that visual reminder. I have all of these, what I think are, great ideas of ways to make my domicile a bit more fun and energetic, and perhaps if I follow through with them and make my home a bit weird and happy that will translate into other elements of my life... hmm... I shall have to talk with Fiamma about this idea and if i'm allowed to make our home a little weirder. Not unlike how Kurt Schwitters made his Merzbau... Merzbau was a way for Schwitters to turn his seemingly mundane home in Germany during the oppressive nazi times into a respite and sanctuary of art and creativity. I love that from the outside it looked unassuming but from the inside was mayhem that'd make Hitler dizzy and vomitous.

Ok... Well this musing is getting long, but I want to talk about a few other things real quick:  Firstly, the TUGBOAT PRINTSHOP folks are coming up to Brooklyn tomorrow for the Renegade Art Fair and have asked me to wake up at 730am to help them lift their mobile art cart and set up. This is great for a few reasons... I love waking up early as I explained earlier, I like the idea of their mobile art cart, I like helping out people and also I think they said they juuust might give me a free print which is real great. real gosh darn great.

Another bit I want to talk about is: I am starting to enjoy taking pictures recently... especially on my iphone. I couple that realization with the memory of my brother Dutch who used to place framed art in the streets to adorn the city for a moment before someone up and took it to their own homes. I loved this idea because free art is exciting to make and fun for the giver and the receiver... it also serves as a catalyst for making art more - the excitement of the process fuels the craft I believe. Well I have printers and pictures galore at my disposal so why don't I print some small pictures and buy some cheap frames and start annonnomously leaving art for people (too many "n's" in that word?) like my brother used to? Speaking of brother... did you know he has a nipple ring?

Speaking of good pictures. I recently stumbled upon Corey Arnold's pictures from the FORWARD THINKING MUSEUM BLOG. He is an alaska fisherman who also shoots pictures and gets some nice photographic situations at bay while on the boat and the outcome is pretty great. Here are a few of his pictures that I particularly enjoy:

Ok ~ This musing took a little while because I got sidetracked while writing it a couple times... but that's the idea right? It's 505pm on friday and I have just an hour to go until the workweek is over and I can sidetrack myself all weekend.



  • el dutchero - 06.16.10
    least I not remind the public of my brother's profession and how professional he is at said profession. let it be said, the ring...the nipple...imposters. I never even had a nipple, not even once.

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