and this shall be the new portrait

Im turning 29 in a few days. It's the first time I've ever been 29 so this'll be a right new experience. I don't have a specific agenda for this particular musing. Well that's not true exactly. I do have a specific agenda... that's actually more truthful. i want to suggest some new music I've been enjoying via SNORE AND GUZZLE. If you don't know of these streaming/downloadable hour playlists you should. Some of them are ok, some are great, but all of them are easy to try and possibly could inspire some new music appreciations in you as it has me. Here are some myspace links to a few of my favorites:

~ a couple ladies from New Zealand with some happy music that feels good I think

~ a soft little singer guy that I like from Melbourne, Australia. Feels a little Belle & Sebastianny but hey, I don't mind that, do you?

~ some guys from Olympia Washington who do a nice job at open, airy tunes. I always enjoy when peoples music fit what I presume to be their environs... this is that.

~ Japaneezy minimalist stuff

~ some real nice icelandiccy, icelandic stuff

~ some 70's british compositions which are small and nice

~ a fellow brooklyners minimal music

As for news, I just got back from a long-weekend-long trip with Fiamma to Mexico City. We went down for a presentation regarding her book UNO with Enrique Olvera and the Mexican City food and culture. But I was lucky enough to also get to spend some time with some amazing Diego Rivera Murals - about 50 of them I would say and they were all great. Also got to eat some of Enrique's delicious food, see a mexican wrestling match, and just steep in the culture down there that I enjoy so much.  Oh man, and I stumbled upon the woodcuts of the Taller de Graphica Popular ~ a woodcutters group in Oaxaca, Mexico in the 30's and on.... some real nice prints:

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