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I am   not 100% sure what I wanted to write today. I just know that it's been some time indeed since i posted, maybe 3 weeks... and since my goal was to post regularly - I'm'a try and do that now. Today is a rainy day here in NYC, and while I do love rainy days, this particular one is oddly hot and rainy simultaneously... Usually rain cools things down, but this one is just festering in my knee crevices and trying to make me sweat more. Speaking of wet knees though, I went swimming last night as I try and do every Tuesday night. I have a routine that I like lots because it allows me to finish just as its time for someone else to get into my lane, but I do think I am in need of a change soon. It's not good to keep the same exercise routines for too long, and I feel that my swimming, as well as my lifting and yoga exercisings all need a reboot to something slightly different. I know this is true because my muscles don't ache as much as they should after a hard workout, and also, my will to do these routines is lagging. and I don't want to feel that way forever (that line kind of fit but kind of not, it just happened to come right out my speakers via Yo La Tengo as I was about to write that sentence and it fit enough to use).

I've got now under 4 weeks to go of work before my beloved large august vacation off. This particular august is gonna be real great because I get to go on 2 trips as well as have plenty of time here in NYC. For the first 8 days of vacation I am in Germany & Switzerland. That flight was paid for by my boss in return for bringing home his children from Soglio, Switzerland. But before I go to his house in the mountains for a couple days, I will travel through Germany by myself and head to Armsheim which is where the Huff ancestry begins. I will look for Huff's for a couple of days, and then meet up with my old college roomate Philipe Gerlach for a little Germany roadtrip which'll be right fun. Then I am home for a week or so before Fiamma and I head off to the Yucatan, Mexico. Gonna get lots of beaching and relaxing on this trip which I am super excited for. We are there for about 8 days and then I end my holidays back in NYC for 5 days or so. In those intermittent spurts of NYC time (spurts is a gross word) I have a whole list of things I need to accomplish. Or rather, want to accomplish. Things like playing my saw in the subway, going to see a Daily Show, walking the entirity of Manhattan from top to bottom, doing Drink 'n Draw, and the like.

Ok, picking up this musing about a week after I started it. Today is now Friday and in just a few hours I am headed up to Providence, RI with Fiamma for the wedding of Jacqui Lipson and Jeff Trip. I am right excited about it on many levels. 1. weddings are usually a pretty good time and you get to see folks you don't often see. 2. I love renting a car... [ and BOOM, writing stopped there, I shall pick up again 5 days later (sheesh it's hard to actually write these days)]. So let's catch-up on what's happened since Friday. i went up north to Providence, RI friday night. Fiamma and I had a great drive involving a pretty great looking thunderstorm. We then got to spend a little time with Ryan and Tim in Providence. It's real nice to observe peers lifestyles these days. Some people really are seemingly quite loving their status and lifestyle. Ryan and Tim have a great looking home they built up together and it was nice to see. Saturday we headed to the home of the once whaling capital of the world (New Bedford, MA) to see Jacqui Lipson and Jeff Tripp marry, which was a lot of fun. I also saw this cool plaque in the Church and really enjoyed the inscription.

This weekend also involved some time in the waves at Horseneck Beach and Lincoln Wood Lake swimming which felt great. Now I am back at work for just 7.5 more days until vacation starts and I am eager to get there.


Some thoughts with no apparent direction or follow-up:

~ I am also in flux with regards to my caffeine intake. What I found is, I am much less grumpy with coffee, but also much more skiddish. So it's either a jocund squirrel or a lazy polar bear - still deciding about this.

~ sometimes things affect me lots. sometimes not at all. music, images, even food. One day I swore all I ever wanted to eat was Pita Chips with Hummus and Olives, and then like a week later I was all "ehhh" about it.


Ok, enough talking for now. I'll just share some things I've been enjoying:

~ here's a funny sequence of emails that I suggest you read and enjoy - CLICK HERE
~ also, you've probably listened to this by now, but if not... it's real great - CLICK HERE
~ Fiamma took some real great shots recently from her Lumix of immigrants at work, I particularly like them - this one is a topper I say

~ The MoMA has a show of Matisse's work right now - while searching for the exhibition I was redirected to this site that has a real great time-lapse of how Matisse editted his bathers by a river paintind. I really enjoy seeing the process and wish I could do this with lots of other paintings. Take a look HERE.   - i think this is so cool

Here's just a few other images that I like recently:

a Graham Roumieu recent work

a Bill McRight woodcut

an R. Crumb illustration


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