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So I am sitting in what very-well-may-be my favorite time of year. A saturday morning (early enough that the day hasn't really started) in October. This situation is augmented by an owl-shaped mug of hot green tea and some real simple music on. See, October is my favorite month of the year ~ the electricity in the air, the chilliness that has not yet affected the hands but scarves become necessary, the greyness of mid-mornings.... I love it all. And you probably know, if you read these musings at all, that early saturday mornings are my favorite times of week. Seeing as I probably only get to experience about 50% of saturday mornings in my favorite fashion due to traveling or busy-ness... if you put those factors together - there are only about 2 mornings - or 6 hours of the year - that I get to enjoy all my favorite components together. I am going to use one of those 6 hours to write this musing. See, it's been a while and I haven't felt like writing for some reason... but there's been things that have happened and thoughts had that I'd love to share... problem is... since June when I last wrote... I haven't been able to remember all of these acts or thoughts... So I'm'a just ramble for a bit... maybe show some pictures and call it a morn.

in fact... here's a picture for good measure ~

As I am starting this sentence, a man just climbed out his fire escape across'd the yars from the window where I type this musing and I'm interested in what he's going to do out there. He too seems to be just enjoying his morning. First looking over the balcony as if he dropped something last night... but then reserved to sit on the window ledge and tap his finger to a song he's not listening to. Wuh oh... there's a cough... perhaps this gent has the same weird sickness that's been traveling around in my workplace and household... in that case, I hope he's gargling salt water and taking vitamin C... he's inside now... ok... back to something else.

About maybe a year ago I started a test that I mentioned in a musing wherein I felt like I was the only person reaching out to long distance friends to keep up communication. The test was to stop being the initiator and see if any of those friends called me out of the blue to see how I was. As predicted... the number of conversations severely declined, which is a bummer. But I did get a couple real great calls from people like John Farley, John Lisko and Massimo Pacchione which made me feel like a hundred dollars. So maybe I am going to let loose the rope in my hands for the masses... but it is a nice feeling to have a few folk that think of me on their own accord. who needs a picture break?...

Speaking of long-distance friends, I've also had a few travelers pass through and was able to rekindle a couple friendships in the meantime. Abbey Sullivan came through NYC via Iceland and enroute to Vermont which was a real swift but fun blast. Nate Rappole also stopped by a couple times and I was able to meet his friends and see his performance as Gull (the one masked-man band). Another friend John Farley moved further away to Nicaragua... but that just gives me ample opportunity to be the traveler not the travelee as I go to visit Mexico's equivalent of Mexico (its just south of the Mexican border). One long distance friend of mine has recently done a lot of great stuff like buy a home and make a child... We had a little joking exchange not too long ago which resulted in a fast-retouching bit ~ here's the results...

Well shoot... I really couldn't think of much I wanted to talk about again - perhaps this is why my musing writing has been paired down... but I will show some pictures... those are always fun anyways ja? And maybe once I post a few that'll remind me of some things I wanna talk about?... After that I am going to turn around and take a good long gander at the tall bookshelf behind me that is filled with art books.. there's hours of fun to be had sitting on the floor and perusing those pages.

there's something very 2nd-grade-class-workbook about this drawring that I like lots.

and in the same color spectrum as that 2nd-grade-workbook pic... this one really caught my eye. I've been asked to do some CD design and when designing I always hope I remember something as simple as drawing on top of photographs... it really makes for some nice imagery sometimes. see?...

speaking of nice imagery... there's a flickr page of some hipsterry kids who hopped trains sometime these past summers - their pics really make you feel like it was your idea and those were your friends and that was your summer - here's the linko - take a look ~ TRAIN HOPPING FLICKR PAGE ~

my  brother and sister-and-law are getting a dog in a couple months - I'm real excited about this because I like dogs... especially saving greyhounds or other shelter dogs - man oh man sometimes its real fun that i wish were part of my daily routine -

this past summer I spent an early afternoon by myself in the Zurich Kunsthalle. It's a surprisingly large collection of some great art. Especially the amounts of Ferdinand Hodler ~ like this giant-mural-sized work that sits across'd a grande staircase. That guy really did some nice stuff and it reminds me of a swiss Diego Rivera a bit. When I get back to painting it wil be with a similar application of media as this... speaking of great paintings I saw there - this one also really got me good.

boy oh boy this guy was so good back in my youth... I wasn't as good a basketball player as my national-team-playing sister... but John McGlinchey, Mike Abbott and I would play either football or basketball everyday... so I got better. Plus John had a net we could bring down to 7 feet so dunking on that guy made me feel a little like this. Speaking of nostalgia... let's take it a step further back eh?....

and here's a goodbye to the warmth of summer picture


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