and this shall be the new portrait

ell I do I guess.  not that much or that often or of that high caliber... but I still do from time to time. I've been doing this blog-type thing before that word "blog" was even invented methinks... so sometimes I forget about it or can't find the will or time to do so... but I stiiiill do it when I can. yes I can, yes we can.

First things first, I promised a friend who's been asking for a new musing that there'd be at least one boob in this one... so let's get that out of the way eh?

I've been working on a pretty good beard this year methinks but have no real pictures to prove it. So I'll share this one which is also a part for the SAVE THE DATE I am working on for my forthcoming wedding:

I have a funny sleep schedule nowadays. Starting this musing at 530am is what I'm doing to prove it. Not to prove it, but as evidence of it maybe. I'm not sure what it is... maybe old age, but the sleepy-version of me has a temperament that is easily rousable. So here I am, up at least an hour and a half before the sun writing what will probably be the last musing of 2010.

All in all, I think 2010 has been a pretty great year which ended with a real nice snow storm. I've done some things like get a couple-uh-new tattoos, get a nephew, get engaged, get a trip-or-two to europe and mexico, made some new arts and all and all enjoyed living in most all senses. There are things I wish'd I'd've done more of sure... like see some friends or produce some more music or sip a few more whiskeys with my bother on a stoop or two more oftenly... but all those things are, are just things that I wanna try and do more of in this forthcoming year. Already its standing to be a pretty good one as well: Dutch and i should finish our facebreaker album, I will become a mexican citizen and marry a real heck-of-a-dame, I'll probably bike across'd Slovenia, maybe even get a couple-uh-new tattoos or something, who knows....

As for now I'm just gonna enjoy the relaxing end of a relaxing year and I'll be doing that up in Cape Cod with some real greato friends starting tomorrow. In fact, it's been a whole two-weeks-off of extravagance this holiday season. For some reason there always comes along a little sense of guilt when I spend a lot of lazy time and a little bit of money and I'm not sure it's necessity yet. The guilt I mean, not the lazy time. But I've been doing things like enjoying drinks with friends and seeing all 4 of the great new movies out and going out to dinners and concerts and such. I work pretty hard during the year and even tack on a few extra jobs to be able to do these things, so I am not sure why I can't let myself enjoy the fruits of that labor without the feeling that I should be saving more but I'm working on it. I guess I need a bit of a reminder that there'll be few times in my life where my responsibilities are this slim and I should enjoy that... but the John-Huff-in-me makes me want to be a bit more responsible... so we'll see what balance I attain.

Welp, I really don't have too much new to say, so let's get on with a few pictures eh?

This first one is a little print by a Mexican artist I enjoy whose name escapes me now... no it doesn't, it's Jose Pulido. Anyways, this is a new print of his which I found the day after I had perhaps the best dream of my life. Now I know hearing other peoples dreams can be boring, but lemme just give you the quick rundown of this one: I was sitting on a wooden swing with long thick ropes that led up into the sky but I could never see where they attached. Meanwhile, Fiamma could fly and would push me anywhere I wanted to go and we were able to fly all above some African seeming landscape. At one point I saw some giraffes below us and wanted to pet their heads but Fiamma then said that she knew of better giraffes to pet, so she gave me another push to a different African-esque valley and in it were giraffes with green tufts of Dr. Seuss hair atop their heads and I petted them from above on my wooden sky-swing. Then another push and we went to this tiny village in Germany where the top of the village is a square swimming pool that looks out above the towns nestled below and in the pool were all my friends. Anyway, this print was weird to see the day after, and weirder still was that Groana also had a wooden swing dream that night.

also I just like pools:

so that snow storm I spoke about is currently looking right pretty as the sun is starting to rise. As it rises I realize, thanks to a kermudgen-of-a-wireless-router,  I've accidentally been writing this musing for over an hour. Anyways, I took a few pictures of that snow on my iphone here they are:

the dame in the last two took some much better photos that day of the snow and they'll soon be up on her site:

While this next picture also feels snowy, it's on here moreso as an example of an artist whose book I am awaiting to arrive in the mail today. A Spanish Artist by the name of Antonio Lopez Garcia. I saw some works of his at the MOCA museum in Mexico City last summer and just recently stumbled upon a book of his drawrings. This guy could render quite well and uses tracing paper like I like

another printmaker I've been enjoying lately is Hinko Smrekar... or at least this print.. the butt touch is funny.

this picture I just found funny.

and this one just as funny

I'll end with this last picture... it seems like such a quiet moment.

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