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Les Claypool famously said "Funny thing about weekends when you're unemployed, they don't mean quite so much, except you get to hang out with your working' friends. . ." Well I'm on the flipside of that coin. I work a real work-a-day-life. I leave my apartment usually around 8 or 9am and don't get back home until about 8 or 9pm. That's a long day of work and whatever fill in's like the gym enter into that timeframe. You couple that with some extra art-related work or house-work, an episode of television or so and you got yourself a full day. You do that 5 times in a row and sheeeesh you're really excited when a weekend rolls around. It's that same idea that Eddie Murphy had in RAW or DELIRIOUS when he was talking about how delicious a ritz cracker can be when you're hungry. Well I'm hungry for weekends and they are tasting great right about now. I love the weekend days that are choc full of gettin-stuff-done and I love the weekend days where I do nothing. This particular weekend had a taste of both. It started out real funny with an evening amongst some of my favorite funny new yorkers. Fiamma, Adam Hopkins, Craig and Erin McMonagle and I went out on friday eve and christened the weekend with some nice cheap yeunglings and some nice cheap jokes. Saturday was full of watching a John Adams Documentary with Craig  and then some movies with Fiamma. Today I woke up for one of my favorite runs along the water in DUMBO and then had a breakfast at my favorite spot SMOOCH with Heather, Aaron and Fiamma. It's been delightfully cloudy the whole weekend which has led me to staying inside and wearing a funny hat with a kerchief and doing things like listening to Chopin and writing this musing. So here we are now, doing what I do best ~ weekending.

This particular weekend has been music focussed indeed. First and most exciting has been the release of the FACEBREAKER first album. You can listen to the whole thing and own it right HERE. It's a 19 track album that Dutch and I have been working on for years now. Widdling away at it little by little on weekends and the first album has come to fruition. I have to give my brother a lot of the credit as this thing has really been born and cultivated under his hand as he's composed much of the music as well as nestled it in his digital arms through his production in the owl's nest of his studio space. It's been a fun way to spend time together and there'll be more coming. . . but as for now, the fruit of that labor is available for ears, and as it turns out. . . hands. I made a little zine-type of book that we're releasing with the album. See the idea of CD's is dying and we rid ourselves of that corpse by selling/giving-it-away only digitally through bandcamp. But as it so turns out, we are both artists and both like tangible bits with our music experience. So the thought was to make a little book that would have some info as well as some art of ours. I tried to keep it as small production as possible, implementing a photocopier, some staples, some nicer paper and drawings/prints/photos we had that seemed relevant. It is by no means meant to be on par with the album, just a little something extra I guess.

Also this weekend, I was working on a song for Fiamma's new helper-dog-documentary. See my old lady has been, amidst a busy schedule of work, school, piano lessons, ballet, acting class and all sorts of other things, beginning to shoot documentaries. The first little one she is doing is focussed on dogs who go visit terminally ill patients and give them that nice feeling that comes with petting and lying around with a pet. She asked me for happy music and I made one attempt that wasn't happy enough apparently. My second effort was too happy it seems, but we've widdled it down to something that is usable though maybe not my best work. It is fun though to get this process started. Fiamma has aims to shoot these little uplifting documentaries and hopefully i can fill an aural space for her.

Speaking of filling space in a strange way, and tying it into music with Fiamma. She and I have also started playing around with the idea of starting a little duo of a band called DANGERHOLE. We got the name from a poorly spray-painted street sign on a walk through Brooklyn the other month, and both found it a funny name for a band. I made a quick album cover here using a picture of ours from Tulum that I always though would make for good album coverage.

So Dangerhole is going to be a cover band wherein I lay the foundation of interpreting some old timey songs we both like (usually inspired by Bugs Bunny) and Fiamma adds the final sweet touch of her little girl voice which I like so much. The aim is to make a 5 song EP and release it for free on bandcamp as well.

Speaking of releasing free music on bandcamp I have 2 other ideas: the first of which is a solo project called JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCHING BAND. This will just be a chance for me to release some simple music I like to make on  my spare time, usually when I wake up in the morning and have an idea. One of the 5 song EP's I hope to release soon is called TOUS QUE PASSE.  These songs are all loosely based upon my time spent in France this summer and reference the field recordings I made while there. This will also be accompanied by a small zine-like book of pictures and drawings from that trip. You can peruse some of the pictures on the site HERE

Additionally, I'm in a fun little band called SINKING SHIP that's kind of a piratey, raucous quartet that plays these repeating, simple anthemmy songs I write. I wrote the first set on my bike while biking into work, and then the band brings them alive with their playing, this second set of songs are thus far songs I've written in dreams in my sleep. My compositions are kinda dumb and futile, but they are sure fun to play with as much enery as possible with Adam Hopkins (bass), Nathan Ellman-Bell (drums) and Eric Trudel (tenor sax). So far the bands time together has been very short, with us usually practicing the day of our gig and then playing the gig that night. At this point we've had about 2 practices and 2 gigs, but I have an idea to set up a couple of iphones and a couple field micas in a room and play our set live. Then I'd do a simple balance of them all together as way to document this first set of music before we all forget it, and put it on bandcamp for free as well. Here's a loose beginning to a possible cover for such a little recording

So sheeesh. . . that's the music I've been thinking about and doing as of late. There's been some momentum in the visual arts as well as I've been chugging along at my nudie cards. . . The new ones are up on the site now. I'm about 18 printed and starting the next round of cutting. but that can be discussed in the next musing installment when we're more image focussed.

Well, I wanted to talk more about things, but it's getting late again, it's about 515pm and I still need to do a little arts-looking, maybe shave off my beard, and then go listen to some music at the newest OUT OF YOUR HEAD installment in Brooklyn at Freddy's bar and backroom. Then I come home after that to watch the newest season premiere of GAME OF THRONES.

But in the meantime, here's our usual couple o' pics for good measure:

cars always scare me a bit, but I like this picture for some reason

I'm a bit bummed I didn't have this idea first

this picture, I should've put second because it seems to go along with the car crash one no?

collage is a seemingly easy to approach art, some people do it sloppy nice like this guy/gal

Doesn't the Coz just like so cool here?

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