and this shall be the new portrait

One night back in the early two-thousands...when Craig and I were home in our apartment on Adelphi Street, Adam told us he was on his way home to hang out with us. So we decided to STICK around and wait for him.... he never showed... but this was written during the wait. CLICK HERE

STIKIT (lyrics)

[well i don't know]

we're gonna stick around this town until it gets all right,
because this towns all right,
am i right, are you with me?

please somebody say that you're with me,
cause i need somebody to say that you're with me tonight.

we're gonna go outside and rush around and go out on the wet street,
[what you're saying, what you're sayin]
well i was old!

stick it twice, we'll stick it again,
we'll wanna stick it three times for you and your friends.

its not an option of yes or no,
we always go, we always go.
[we [unintelligible] TO STICK]

we're gonna stick around tonight,
we're gonna stick around, outta sight!
thats the gist of it: STICK IT, STICK IT!

I'm thinkin of that thing,
I'm thinkin of that thing, you know
its one of those things that make you really go

[get off your ass]

try and deny it,
you wanna leave me, can't do it,

well thats just it, we're gonna STICK IT
right now its time to close it out,
this song could end but i advise you to hit the repeat button so you can stick it out

im so sick, of zippin it out,
so i decided to change it up and stick it up and out and all around, get out!

cant even do!
you said it again,
you done it again,

im sticking it through,
and through to you tonight,

tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight

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