and this shall be the new portrait

Now I don't fancy myself a photographer. But I do enjoy taking pictures. Sometimes those pictures look good. Or rather, sometimes they have the potential to look good. With a little toying around in lightroom or photoshop and sometimes with the extension of some designerly work atop they don't look half bad. So I'm going to go ahead and put some pictures up at the front of this here musing that I took yesterday when walking through the Brooklyn Museum. Then and only then will I talk about what that is like, how I enjoy it and what I'm doing. We all on board with this? well there's not really a choice - so here goes the pics (here comes the pics)

why is this top left corner missing I wonder?

WELL SHEESH - whoops the caps lock was on there. My cat Tugboat did that. He's obsessed with getting in the way when I am working on my computer, if he's not bumper carring his way around my desktop he's got his head and paws up and under my lamp trying to bring it down or make love to it I'm not sure which. Either way it's a battle for us both and the more I tell him to stop the more he ignores me. It makes me wonder if he does this when I'm not home - like in the olden days of 2013 when I had to go into an office everyday. Well anyways, that was the reason for the caps lock there - that sneak. This first picture is maybe my favorite part of the brooklyn museum. It's got European art from the 1500's to today. It's a beautiful square right in the middle of the museum and for some reason it's always empty. I can sit on that chair and no one will walk past me for almost a half hour (or such was the case yesterday). Being in a museum alone is one of my favorite things. I go right up to a Goya painting and its just me and the painting and as dorky as that sounds - it's pretty powerful to a TJ. The next best thing if you can't be alone in a museum is to get yer noise canceling headphones going. That will make you feel almost alone and at least make a soundtrack to yer time. Anyways, this first picture is to give you a little feel of the solitude I enjoy on weekdays in the Brooklyn Museum.

This next image is also about solitude. There was a little more in the painting, like some hands and a hint of a silhouette, but I cropped it to to have just the floating head there. I like it. There was another floating head just a few paintings down, but it was floating because it was recently cut off in a painting about martyrs. Blood spirting, swords aloft - this one was quieter.

This was a great moment to in the museum, I was in the Egyptian wing and looked out the window and a statue was beautifully framed in one of the panes. And I swear this isnt me manipulating things, that one pane was actually brighter than the rest. It didn't seem intentional as my position wasnt meant for viewing the back of this statue, it was luck and I was glad to have my camera to grab it.

Inspired by that last image, I framed another one similarly. I believe this is a portion of a Carlo Crivelli painting - Man that guy could paint!

I spent a good amount of time in front of Thomas Edison's early films. There's this one bit of these two goofballs in Coney Island (perhaps 1908). They're going through all of these amusements and I really liked how much trouble he had on this rope trek.

I've recently been into statues. No, that's not true, I always love statues. I like drawing them and standing all around them for probably too long a time. The recent interest however is the fact that I want to give them a shot. There's these foam cubes you can buy and carve real easily some 3D imagery. I would like to give that a shot. So here's some pics of statues.


Lastly, I wanted to shoot this image of George Washington and the glare fell in what I thought to be the perfect place. Way to go glare!

Wait, that wasn't lastly, THIS is lastly (Crocodile Dundee?) Here's an image I was playing around with for an idea for a Stephane Wrembel album art. Not at all finished, just thought worth sharing for now. Anyways, I was able to go to the Brooklyn Museum on a friday afternoon because I have entered a new realm of my worklife. I am no longer a full time employee and have recently jumped into the freelance world. Limply rolling adrift wherever the work takes me, or in the case of yesterday, just floating nicely on a friday which started with a slow rise, played some RL Burnside style guitar, then a coffee with Craig, then a nice long walk to the museum, then return home for a run and YMCA time before heading off to a dinner party. It's very exciting to enter into this phase as I am finally going to get to do some of my long awaited ideas. Things like record some of my music ideas, attempt some house-projects, video projects, visit David Abbott and friends down the east coast. I do need to remain vigilant though and keep some element of work. In order to sustain this happier style of life, I need to try and keep a balance of work that keeps us afloat in the sea of NYC-monetary lifestyle. So far so good. I'll keep you informed. As for now, its 2pm on a Saturday and I spent this first half of the day brainstorming and enjoying things. Now it's time to work on 2 freelance design projects and then off to napland. But here's a few new pictures just becuase (not mine this time)


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