and this shall be the new portrait

Well it's 4:30 in the morning again (dot dot dot)

As it is every morning I suppose, but this particular one I am awake for. And actually I've been awake since 3am, but just trying to woo the folds of my brain back to slothful-bliss for an hour and a half. But sometimes that wiggly greyish (probably) mush in my brain keeps me awake and vigilant even though the sun has yet to smear it's mustard-morning-rays across'd my brooklyn sky. Anyways, I am up so I thought I'd write a little musing as it's been a while.

Since the turn of 2014, my daily schedule has flipped and flopped around nicely as I've changed many things about it. One of which is the amount of days in a week I work, which can vary from 2 to 7 depending on the freelancey ebb and flow of that week. This particular week I am a 3-day-work-week man more-or-less, plus some additional extra-at-home-client hours. So let's call it a 3.333 repeating workweek man. The majority of that 3.333 is working at one of my steady new places which is the studio of Brigitte Lacombe. Brigitte is a wonderful photographer and her studio is home to some real great art and people. I'm real humble'd to be included in such a place that has not only great work coming out of it, but real nice people around and a Hemmingway-all-thumbs cat to boot. Tonight Brigitte gave a talk at a place called Neuehouse about her work as it relates to three particular muses/icons (Miuccia Prada, Marty Scorsese and Meryl Streep). It was real nice to get a glimpse of an art in the context of a 20-30 year timeframe. Now, I'm no photographer, but I do know when there's a bit of magic in a picture and Brigitte's work is somehow nicely consistent in that capacity. I can probably talk a while about this but that would be kind of boring, and while I signed a piece of paper while starting to work at the studio limiting my ability to post her imagery, you can always go to her own site and see some of nicities in portrait photography I am talking about. Go ahead... try it now... HERE

So that's my steady-semi-often schtick in the new year, but I also get to balance that portrait photo retouching with some great still-life retouching for a few other photographers whom I am really enjoying working with, so I feel I've established a pretty good balance of my time and skills as they relate to the retouching world. In my spare time, which I now finally have some of, I've been able to catch up on some of my own art work as well as much-needed personal time. Here in New York it's easy to lose that personal time and I've got a particular head that wants to get anxiety-attacky from time to time when the balance of tension-and-release isn't handled properly. I'm hoping this new work world I am establishing will help curb those anxiety attacks even though I must say I have been having a few in the last couple weeks which is a bummer.

Aside from work, I've been able to travel a bit which is real tops. I've been to the beaches in Mexico with Fiamma, to England visiting my dear friend David Abbott and his wonderful family. I've also had a nice manly weekend in upstate New York and am soon traveling through Mississippi with Fiamma and then possibly off to Montreal with my buddy Nate for a long weekend. If that doesn't sound like a lot, there's also ideas of a long drive down south visiting friends such as Aaron Gause, Theresa Keefe, Tae Edell, Kate Duffy, Meagan Tetreault. Fiamma and I are also talking about a trip to Turkey this summer/fall which'll be tops.

And I won't talk about this too much here as it's more fitting in the NEWS section of the site, but I've got some new arts underway. You should read about it in that there NEWS section. Anyways, it's now 446am and I want to maybe eat some cereal. Or maybe I'll post some pictures or maybe I'll re-read Murakami short stories as I like doing from time to time. What I probably won't do until about 7am is fall back asleep, so here goes a possibly weird start to a weird day.

As always, here's some new pics I like:


I've been reeeal into the woodcuts (and statues) of Gerhard Marcks recently

I'm thinking this is the building of the Williamsburg Bridge?

I don't know who made this one but I like it

And this last one just reeeeally is up my line of humor

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