and this shall be the new portrait

Today is the first entry of this daily musings section of the site. It will perhaps be ignored and perhaps forgotten. but it's something to do for now (sigfrido chirinos being the inspiration for it). I need to figure out if the Elysian fields were a place that the greek warriors and smiled-upon-mortals enjoyed going at the end of their days or if they got bored there. I often forget how much i enjoy the term "rosy-fingered dawn". i think it is now time to leave behind the visual arts for a little while and focus more on music making. i think that perhaps i am a better equipped musician than artist, but i feel that i can say more of worth with my visual arts than i can with music. i think i enjoy the act of music making more, but i don't like depending on others to create as there are few people that i can depend on 100% of the time. its a delicate balance that i am still learning. i also am in the predicament of figuring out if what i am currently doing is living, or more just preparing to live. and if i should act out my salad years in preparation for a future that will depend (economically perhaps) on these times, or if the future will more be resultant to my mindset and general demeanor that is just now taking form. More or less, I need to figure out if i should try some things that might be difficult and worthwhile (though less economically fruitful) or if i should stay level headed and bank on the notion that sometime soon i am going to be thankful for having my proverbial stockpile of experiences and funds. i'd appreciate a decent, serious discussion soon. one without answers and without an argumentative side that doesn't listen to its opponent. i also need to laugh really hard pretty soon. i think it is more vital than sleeping and eating. that is all for daily musings #1

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