and this shall be the new portrait

I think that there exists these constantly changing states of mind, that while within them, they seem permanent and sometimes utopian, but after they have passed, they seem nonsensical. For instance, I sometimes have these ideas that seem, at the time, like i should really try for them. But then I go to sleep and the next day i awake and realize that perhaps the idea is far-fetched. I feel these states of mind can be heightenned with the vehicles of music and or silence... but I am looking for one to stay placent in perhaps... to achieve some type of grounding. These thoughts may be poorly orated, and i am not even sure if you can use the word "orate" like that... but hopefully it has made enough sense for you. now it is just how to plan to get into a state of mind and how to stay in it. maybe it necessitates conviction, maybe it necessitates humility

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