and this shall be the new portrait

A good breakfast is a really great thing. it can set my day up ever so well. i wish to do it more... and also i wish to do it more with a friend... breakfast with someone is e'er so great i think because it combines sleepy people (which i already think are funny) and good breakfast food which is my favorite. i really also would like to start completely physically draining my body every so often. like play some sport or do some activity where i just ache afterward... i think that's important to do once in a while or monthly or something. i am really tired of banal conversation... that is one thing i'd like to stop and perhaps in that time i can fill it with the aforementioned activities. other things i've recently really been enjoying or valuing is a good dried fruit and nut mix, and larry david. i really like that guy and think he and i would get along great. i also really like driving in a car with friends at night and especially in the summer at night. its one of my favorite things and i hope to do a good amount of it. but i no longer have a car, nor many friends that are close by... so i will need to exert more energy to get this to happen. rain and thunder are things i also enjoy and i think my necessity to be near water is growing stronger. i would very much like to go surfing with my brother again this summer. i would like to do a whole bunch of mundane things with lauren too... not that lauren makes things mundane... on the contrary she makes mundane things pretty great things to do. like going to the grocery store can be a pretty great time with her. performing music live is another activity i need to increase... it's one of the best things in the world. these things will set me straight on a path i'd like to be on. i must remember them and seek them.

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