and this shall be the new portrait

I have missed a few days in this journaling primarily because i have not been near a computer and bored... to which i find a positive thing. on another good note, i have fulfilled a few of the aforementioned acts i wished to fulfill: this weekend i went to tom's diner with craig and rachael which was a good breakfast, and i also was able to play some frisbee and run around both days to completely wear out my physical self... which was pretty great. i woke up this morning to an achey body which i always find a good thing, perhaps until i am in my mid 30's or something. it's amazing how quickly the endorphines can kick in after just a few sprints to catching a frisbee. i am sure the beautiful 70 degree weather and the sun aided as well. today is monday and i am back at work, and have left the mindset of playing frisbee and napping and working on my woodcut, and am now in the mindset of putting my money into a 13% CD, and how to best make icon's for forthcoming software. i wish to someday combine those two mindsets such that work and play have no specific end or start. it rather becomes a continuous state of being that neither has something to dread in the future, nor something to dislike in the present. i have begun theorizing my next few works of art and have many ideas in the making. the new woodcut is a larger format 17 inch square approximately and i am finding it fun to figure out all of the subtle predicaments that occur between the negative and positive space in a woodcut- it is all too true that - oceans have to be friends-. i also have yet to lay down the paint for the "timothy huff - colonial cars service tech" painting, but i hope to do that soon. i have started brainstorming another painting of a cliff with falling rocks that was inspired by a max ernst collage but hopes to have more a van goghian feel to the final product. and i am still midway on the foot-in-mouth painting. i need to just tackle these works and stop putting them off. the struggle is good. the struggle is necessary. the product can only result from a good struggle and there is no need to be afraid of it. the only time a work really fails is that i have given up on the struggle before it is time. every struggle, at least with respect to art, will have the creator as the successor, so long as time and lenghty duration is not a factor. the only reason we as artists fail is because we have given up too early. i am also thinking of making a larger woodcut on a previous haystack painting that never came into full fruition due to my giving up, too early i might add. but perhaps this struggle be best suited on the battlefield of a piece of linoleum and wood.

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