and this shall be the new portrait

I have been reading dialogues with marcel duchamp and a book on basquiat's life and i really have been enjoying reading the life of these two great characters. they really lived like the art they made. today i feel like there are too many people who just live a different life for show, or perhaps too many artists that are too dissasociated with their art to have any relevant affect on their day-to-day life. i think living the bohemian artist lifestyle now is just viewed as more a scene, which is a bummer. i would love to be a part of an artist movement, but i think the days of those having any validty are also since past. i have this idea for an arts movement group called "the exhumists". the manifesto would be an attempt to salvage a culture wherein the visual and audible arts had more relevance in the everyday life as opposed to just being a passing bit of entertainment for a few who will soon forget about it. i think this movement should have a strong tie to the greats in art history and an attempt to revive that sort of feel to the art world. today i feel that the art world is just too pompous or too full or too fake. and perhaps its always been that way, but there were subcultures that fought against it, and in hindsight they were the ones who made a difference. those great salon shows in paris in the 1800's i'm sure were filled with many artists much like today's mary boone or gagosian galleries. but manet was rarely accepted, and it was he who made the difference, not the hundreds of forgettable names that i'm sure won boring awards for boring art. i think i am blabbering at this point though, so i will stop. i made progress on the woodcut last night with aid of these magnifying goggles i found. they really help find the detail i needed for some of the faces and hands. the new title is "leaving the hyppocrene, on towards the elysian fields". it will have a black background, but will otherwise be the most detailed of my woodcuts to date. i need to also start drafting again for the haystacks painting, now woodcut. i think it will be the first woodcut that i introduce color prior to printing. i hope to get a gold leaf on the paper under the haystack so it will glow gold in the middle of the work. this work will be interesting because it will combine many visual styles of mine into one work. we'll see how it goes.

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