and this shall be the new portrait

last night was a great round of woodcutting. using my newfound microscopic goggles i was able to really get some good detail on the two faces, feet and hands of my two characters. i was able to finish the torso of the menotaur (rat version) character but i think i need to go back and rework part of it to add more negative space. right now the face and hands will be predominantly white after printing, but the body has too much going on linearly. i need to go back and take some out. i can only hope that my printing technique has enhanced at the same rate as my cutting technique or i will be frustrated. last night was great though because i was really excited to create. i guess the relative success in my visual production was helping... but i need to be able to harness that same enthusiasm for a seemingly failing task. last night i also worked on a postcard i hope to print today and send out to a few friends. i have new ideas for a new publication i want to put out under the aforementioned "exhumists" title. this will take some time though as it is costly and i lack funding. i still have upwards of 800 books of "i feel remorse for having seen so many beautiful things already" and i was denied consignment at the PRINTED MATTER bookstore book review as well as a local handmade art store. which is kind of a bummer... but reading that most people played off duchamp's early work as meaningless nothing is a bit of solice. is that how you spell "solice"?... no... it's "solace". i just looked it up. i hope to work on this website tonight, finishing the music section, touching up a few areas of buttons and such and adding a few subcategories such as the "daily musings" section (thus making these musings more accessible), the "links" section and a "works in progress" section wherein people can critique the work or at least see it before its done. the reason for this is that i am in the middle of many projects and i never get around to finishing them due to some difficulty or lack of enthusiasm... maybe with this peopl can help

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