and this shall be the new portrait

my regrets for not writing yesterday. there are a few things, since my last entry, that i have discovered or been inspired by. firstly, i figured out that the best height for someone of my stature to draw is 52% of their full height. inasmuch, 37.5 inches is the perfect drawing height for a 71 inched tj. this is of course with the understanding that to properly draw one should be standing. this 52 percentage helps assure full mobility and dexterity thus allowing a line made without hindrance. i hope to figure out if this 52 percentage is relative to any height. after reading that marcel duchamp held francis picabia in such high regard, i naturally had to look more into his work. and he was right, picabia definetely was a visual chameleon who made very interesting discoveries. one that hit hard was the beautful pinks he layed atop brown paper. the color combination perks my cones in my eyes indeed. i also read somewhere that bela bartok is quoted to say "every composer should have the last seven mozart symphonies memorized." inasmuch, i am on the quest to acquiring those recordings. i also read that basquiat used to play bolero's ravel over and over again. it is a piece i once loved and i need to reaquiant myself with it i believe. today is friday and my weekend, which will most likely go journal-less, will hopefully, however, involve some strides in my creation of art. firstly i hope to update the site as mentioned in previous entries. secondly i plan to finish the cutting of the elysian fields woodcut. i also wish to paint the tj huff colonial cars service tech painting as well as the foot in mouth piece. and finally, though i might not get to it, i plan on starting gathering material for the falling rock painting. i almost forgot, that i will draw and add pink atop brown paper ala picabia this weekend. much to do, which i assume i will only get one third done.

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