and this shall be the new portrait

it is a great thing to experience the first thunder and lightning of a spring. at 6pm i had that opportunity to which i very much enjoyed. for an hour prior, i also had the great opportunity of watching the skylight turn to the ominous orangey brown cast of light just before a storm due to a skylight just above where i now work. to update on the painting i was supposed to do last night. i successfully got as far as putting on my painting pants, but no paint was actually manipulated as i ran out of time. picasso once said that a painting doesnt really start until 3 or 4 hours after you've been painting. or something to that effect wherein the first few hours of painting are just a warm-up and the real fruits of your labor start much later. that being the case, i would not have made worthwhile progress until 3am which does not work with my schedule as of late. i did however get the initial drawings down on the panel for the detail of the figure and i am ready to paint. i also did some studies of a delacroix nude to which i plan to reference in a soon-future painting. i also gave some good thought to the upcoming publication i plan on creating entitled "the exhumist" i hope to have this book incorporate the works (writings and visual art) of dutch huff, david abbott, josh powell, massimo pacchione and myself. i hope to have this publication look more like a workbook than a finished piece. i would like to rely on scans of images leaving the dirt and mess on the works not unlike that of the "Francis Bacon and the Tradition of Art" book that i have. i hope to have sketches next to final works, slides with the slide frame, unfinished works or drafts, that sort of thing. i hope to have david abbotts writings, sketches (which knock me out everytime) as well as final prints. i am excited to have a bunch of dutch's color slides in the book as well as his fine prints. moreso i am interested in incorporating his process pieces and his screenprints such as the boy looking for a lost dog and the tv piece. as for josh i hope to get his beautiful attention to detail and precision juxtaposed with the work of massimo which is a bit less clean - but just as great. i am counting on his writings to really pull the book together as the are the most poignant writings i've read in a long time. i am so honored to be in the presence of these great artists and i feel a necessity to document their work as i feel it to be very important and will hold future value. i also hope to have pictures of each artist and their studios or workspaces. i hope to have remnants of theirs scanned and seemingly trivial elements put in the book (such as my drinking bird) and other personal items that i believe to hold great merit when viewed in the right context. it should be exciting and i need to contact CRW graphics to find out about pricings. tonight it is raining beautifully and i hope to hear it as i slumber. this weekend starts early as i head back to philadelphia to see my sister in her final sporting event.

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