and this shall be the new portrait

last night, after leaving work at 1:15am, i took a beautiful cab ride home. i rarely ride in taxis and never alone... so this experience was quite foreign to me. my iPod was out of batteries and the cab driver was particularly quiet as he was not on the phone nor listenning to music. going over the manhattan bridge and seeing all the chinatown apartments nestled so close was pretty great. it reminded me of a shot in the beginning of the tim burton batman film where the camera swoops through gotham city at night. later on i found out that the time spent working was deemed "dissapointing". but at least i got a taxi ride out of it. today has been a long day with a lot of valleys and relatively no peaks... but i go to LA this weekend with aaron and adam to see massimo - so hopefully all of their positive, humorous energy will balance out all of the crap that i go through in the work week.

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