and this shall be the new portrait

: it has been very long since my last writing and much has happenned. Firstly, the trip to the left coast was amazing. i spent some much needed quality time with my friend's adam, aaron and massimo. la jolla beach was an inspiration with the local seal population bathing on the beach next to us and the rocky shoreline creating an almost dali-esque feel. massimo's new work is impressive and has taken on a west coast feel which i think is representative of an artist that is growing and receptively adaptive to his surroundings. aaron's compositions were also an inspiration. some of which were very impressionistic and others atonal and beautifully difficult to listen to. that guy is on the road to something great. i recently also purchased two books that have been an inspiration as well as a frustration. the first of which is a retrospective of pierre puvis de chavannes work. he is everything i would like to be as a painter. he is painterly yet realistic, his unfinished work has such a raw and beautiful feel to it and his palette has al of those undercoat subtleties that i am trying for. the other book was a retrospective of larry rivers who has the same approach only with a 20th century approach. beautifully sketchy and steeped in history. his life, as i've recently read, is also a pinnacle for me. he was a good enough sax player to get into juilliard and befriend miles davis, yet his paintings were even superior. he grew up in the 40's and 50's (my ideal artistic historical time) amidst willem de kooning and a slew of my heroes. inasmuch, these two are an inspiration, but my inabilities to create work as beautiful is very frustrating. i can navigate some changes ok, but my jazz playing is not going anywhere. i can sometimes draw realistically but the fruition of my work is sometimes far inferior let alone only a fraction of the trash i usually make. it is time to cut this short as i need to meet craig for breakfast... but i want yet to comment on: thick argyle socks, being in the middle of everything from books to paintings to ideas, going back to school, getting graph paper, etc.

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