and this shall be the new portrait

i have a headache today - and i am unsure its source. it is possibly from my lack of caffeine - though i have not had coffee in 3 or 4 days with no headaches on those days... it could possibly be... though i really hope it is not... from my new BOSE noise cancelling headphones. they are amazing and they really do a great job not only blocking external sound by shooting out soundwaves moving with an opposite arc of these peripheral noise... but the sound quality of the speakers is amazing. what i fear is that they are possibly the source of the headache what with all the soundwave fighting around my head and whatnot. these headphones were a birthday gift from lauren who recently moved to brooklyn for the summer and is great to have around. she will, undoubtedly be the best part of this upcoming summer. i need, however , to keep my focus and remember to keep drawing, cutting, printing and painting for myself as well as the 2 shows coming up this summer in new york.

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