and this shall be the new portrait

this morning i was blown away by how well one musician can influence another if they are listening. i put on a live recording from paris of stan getz... who normally plays pretty west, coast and smooth-like. but he was playing with a bassist miroslav vitous and the impact this bassist had on getz's playing was amazing. the bassist would pedaltone a whole bunch and change the dynamic really giving getz the freedom or necessity rather to really work, and do something a little less easy, different, and better than his normal smooth playing. it was great to hear. the importance of timbre was also evident. as for the finer or boring fine arts... i plan to sketch in my little leather book more - the sketches seem freer because i am not caring about the finished product. it seems when that is on my mind - the drawings become more inhibited. also, the small size i must work in really brings out a different and interesting line, let alone the great tooth of the paper. i am planning to reroute my EXHUMIST idea for now. i hope to put out a small zine-type publication printed, and bound by myself - a less reformed medium - but perhaps it fits the work - it definetely fits the wallet better thats for sure. plans to start the exhumist woodcut . i need to sketch craig in the pose as well as well as using pants from max ernst's montage. also. the postcard project with lauren has ended as we now are not far apart. it is exciting to see the final postcard all beat up and marred. i hope the process element and photos will work just as well as the final piece. i have hopes of getting that on the site tonight if dutch sends me the first image. i hope my progress does not slow with my busy summer. it needs rather to increase if i plan on going to school or not giving up.

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