and this shall be the new portrait

this past weekend i saw a great organ trio play. it has been a while since i have seen good jazz of guys really listening to one another. it was great to hear the outhead... but then the musicians running tangent because one played an off note and they dug it and vamped on it for a while. not since the likes of keith jarrett have i heard such good vamping. also this weekend i made it out to coney island which is an experience. i think this might be where robert gwathmey painted his beach scene. tonight i hope to work more on the hippocrene woodcut and finish by this weekend having it printed, as well as printing more editions of the previous woodcuts for my upcoming brooklyn show. i would like to also soon build a drafting table. i want this table to be 37.5" tall and have a top that can open to a drawer underneath as well as an angled drawing surface. I would also like to include: an alvin cutting matt #BM2436, a Hakuba Lightviewer 7000PRO (KLV-7000). I would also like to use OLFA blades while cutting as i find them efficient and easily sharpenneable. time to go home and hopefully get some art made.

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