and this shall be the new portrait

i have found the perfect writing utensil (and drawing utensil in some circumstances). this is a BIC SOFT FEEL MEDIUM. black of course. but the ink is applied ever so perfectly and allows for my lines to apply themselves exactly how i hope them to. i hope to have a constant source of these pens from now on. i am on my way with my first box costing $6 and change. i recently have read Coleridge's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner". it is a great poem, and within it exists a beautiful stanza " day after day, day after day / we stuck, nor breath nor motion / as idle as a painted ship / upon a painted ocean". I hope to use this in the first "Exhumist" as describes exactly how i feel sometimes with regard to the arts - with regard to my art. speaking of which, i finally finished the hippocrene woodcut, trimmed the wood, bought large enough paper, and hope to print it tonight. furthermore, i have begun sketching for a new three colored woodcut (red, gold and black) to which i hope to start cutting this week. woodcuts excite me and i hope my printing gets better so this can be the thrust of my art making as opposed to painting. though i love painting, the application of my hands permits this medium to work better for me. i have also been reading graphic novels. they are certainly another great medium - perhaps one day i will make a comic - but right now i am learning a lot from frank miller, art spiegelmann and such. (this writing skips topic to topic i know, and lacks continuity in thought) but i have much information to get acrossed today, and while i used to want this musing to read well, now i prefer it to contain all the necessary information, albeit utilitarian over artistic). paranthesee. i feel that adobe illustrator and vector-based artwork is the new parallel to a woodcut - a digital woodcut if you will. the line it creates is not static and evenly weighted - but has an inside and an outside to it that varies angle and width much like that of a woodcut line. i hope to soon become more versed in this media and peter is helping infinitely with that. many thanks to the design tools on the computer he is giving me. speaking of which, i just spent way too much money today purchasing a powerbook. i hope to implement this well, thus justifying my purchase. though i have a job with good pay, i have been spending so much so as to almost not save in the past 4 months. i need to curb this spending lifestyle i've taken on. furthermore, i need to work on more drawings - prepared paper (graph paper, tape, different hues, etc). i need to do large sketches with vine charcoal. i have this idea to make sillhouettes out of relative pages in a now useless phone book. i must get to work on all of these things and somehow keep up with my woodcuts and paintings. i guess that is all today. my new schedule wakes me up early and keeps me busy - thus i have less downtime to ponder things to write in these musings - but i will write more. oh - one last thing. my voice seems to blend in with the hum of most machinery. people can not hear my in an industrial or mechanical area. i find this humorous and bothersome sometimes - i can't tell if its the pitch or the timbre or both (pronounced "tamber" if you can hear my pronounce it over the hum of these computers.) so not only am i giving my money to computers to pay for computers... but they are taking over my audibility in this world - i will soon have to combat these machines perhaps in a one-on-one.


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