and this shall be the new portrait

i have, yet again, let quite a bit of time lapse since my last entry. inasmuch, i have found myself to be very busy both in my dayjob and life other than that. as for the job front, i am now established in a new position (at least for the time being) in assisting the designer of stiedldangin publishers... thus making books of artists... thus enhancing my knowledge of the relative software and digital media which i am very grateful for. i also have realized that vector based artwork and transferring a scanned-line drawing to a pathed artwork is very much equivalent to a digital woodcut. wherein, the line is determined by two paths (one on each side of the line). inasmuch, the line density and angular shifting is very beautiful and not easily replicated. another joy that i found from work, is that i have started to work in a manner that i have long-since respected. this respect extends to people who work very hard at something that goes unnoticed on the whole... but is a very important and craft-related task. i first noticed this in cinque terre, italy when i was getting winded walking up and down the cliffs of the sea. this was quite a long hike along the coast... and about midway through the hike i realized that i was very tired... but i was walking on a trail made by handcut/ or at least hand-layed stones acting as steps up and down these cliffs. so at one point... someone must've found, gathered, and placed these steps by hand up and down these cliffs. a lot of people, i imagine, do not pay attention to the amount of labor needed to simply make this trail of steps, but it hit me hard. since then, i have tried to be more aware of the things i take for granted that someone had to tirelessly work for. these days... i design, cut, score, print, fold numerous drafts of books that are looked at briefly and then discarded. while this job is not as romantic or strenuous as carrying thousands of stones up sea-coastal cliffs, the enjoyment i get from working hard with little recognition is pretty great. sometimes frustrating, but on the whole, i think more rewarding. enough of my verbose writing.... i am in a crunch and need to produce a lot of artwork in a short time for three exhibitions going up. all in non-traditional gallery spaces, which i like. i need to print woodcuts, assemble frames, create prepared sketches and the like. i need to get back into the routine of working hard on art. i have recently been enjoying time with lauren and friends, and i still wish to do that.... but i also need to balance it with work. music is beginning to come to the forefront with recent recording with bart delaney and a new archtop guitar purchased. i want there to be a rebirth of creativity musically as well as visually. there is much to do and not much time to do it. the word "sanguine" has found itself very interesting to me. the defintions of it being so juxtaposed... death and jubillance, life and pain. it is pretty great. i hope to put this into my newest woodcut of crucifixion with velvet rope. we shall see.

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