and this shall be the new portrait

i am just beginning to fully appreciate the works of felix gonzalez-torres as i am working on making a book of his work. because of this book, i am getting to read a lot of his writings, interviews and pieces of inspiration and thus am able to have a more sturdy conceptual basis for his work that is topically very generous, simple and easy. one thing that i want to think more on is his idea that an artist must be fully aware of their surroundings in the larger world. he says that artists should know what is happening in the news, in the economy, in foreign lands, et al. i find that i am very inactive within those regards and almost shut myself off from the news as it is very overwhelming sometimes. perhaps i will make a concerted effort to be a socially active, or at least socially-aware person and see how that effects my output. the underpinnnings of his idea is that art can be an effective tool for awareness, change and humble giving... i agree with those principles and perhaps will start paying attention to his means to that end. on the other end of things, i have been recently floored with certain colors or applications thereof by certain artists. maurice de vlaminck, while his palette is not my own, has some really great oranges and reds and i am really liking his almost woodcut-approach to line and painting. anselm kiefer's blues, ochre's and blacks are beautiful especially when put with his greys and his surface tension. odilon redon does some beautiful work with deep reds and blues and i hope to work more in pastel on brown paper as he does. i have a few art shows coming up and am showing works i am not 100% proud of... but i think i am making steps in good directions... those steps are just not yet stable. the newest woodcut "sanguine velvet rope" is also making progress. my first three colored print, i just need to figure out some logistics and how to work in the ornate framing within the print. more to come later.

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