and this shall be the new portrait

the seasons are in shift and i shall greet this change with one of my own. that is the focus of creation audibly and visually as opposed to enjoying the fruits of comeraderie. i have been able to be a spectator for some great arts as of late and i have been feeling the tug to be a more active member than just a passive spectator. last night i saw sufjan stevens perform and was re-invigorated of the process of music making. same goes with a silver mount zion show. i hope to start a band that plays "anthem type music". i need to learn to compose as such and focus. i also bought the SIN CITY dvd. an amazing film that i think has broadenned the scope of moving film once more... removing it from visually documenting movement and going back to a more painterly, freeze framed art. i also came up with another idea if i ever teach. i would like to print out my student's grades on a full sheet of paper thus giving them adequate explanation and insight on their work. if, however, my students think my grading is unjust... i will give them the option to crumple up the grade-printout-sheet and create a still-life from that crumpled up piece of paper. if they can produce something i find meaningful, i will raise their grade accordingly. i think this is a good means of grading on many levels. one, the students have the chance to bring up their grades, but it is not a "gimme". it requires work. it also lets them understand that grading or criticism is not final. it also allows them a second chance if they did not have the time previously to work hard enough or enough focus. i think all too often, especially in the high school setting, teachers put too much strain on students for grades. i hope that this will help alleviate some of that strain without being a pushover. working on a new woodcut called the "sanguine, velvet rope". three colors (gold, red and black) i still have to figure out the ornate perimeter of the piece. i also need to rework the elysian fields woodcut making a background. i have the ideas - i just need to put them into motion. this weekend shall be a good time for that. i am missing lauren as she has returned to school... there is nothing better than having one so close.

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