and this shall be the new portrait

some new information as of late. i finally found out my real heritage... i was fooled for many years in thinking i was a part of cultures or at least fractionally... now i know the truth. i am: 1/4 serbian, 1/4 slovak (not czech as i had originally thought), 1/4 german, 1/8 french, 1/8 english... and my great grandparents were those brave souls crossing the atlantic from their respectively aforementioned countries to bring me to the pennsylvania areas.

the sanguine velvet rope cutting is going well - i hope the printing will reflect the cuts - as i will be pleased. i am working on the new site with sig... more professional. furthermore i will start working with BOOKLYN doing some graphic design work in exchange for having my exhumist zine bound and printed. that is the exciting news on the forefront.

on the other end of things...i have feeling depression setting in if i am inactive or alone. i think this is bad because i normally find being alone inspiring and introspective. i have found to combat this, however, that exercising really gets the necessary glandular action going to make me feel better... this will be my way to stay happy.  furthermore, i plan to eat healthy from now on... i feel how sugar and processed foods effect my demeanor and would like to stay more on top of the physical components as my youthful ability to rebound from sugar and caffeine is lessening. the elasticity that comes with the salad days is diminishing.

this little child at my place of work has this toy that when you hit the proper button makes the sound of metal moving fast - it is a great sound - it calls my like the pied piper or siren's sweet singing.

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