and this shall be the new portrait

i was struck by a few important aesthetic experiences recently. the first of which was last friday, as i was walking to work, already in a sullen mood. i was walking down 14th street between 8th and 9th avenue in manhattan and across the street a hearse caught my eye. shortly after that, my gaze was directed to an old man in a black suit who was pouring all of the water out of the vased bouquet into the street drainage grate. it was profoundly sad at that moment. sure... you could think of the fragility of life, passing beauty and all those sort of things... but i don't know if i got that far... i just knew it was sad. then today, on the other end of the emotive scale... i walked into the 3rd floor restroom at work and saw the same doorstop that i like every day - but it really hit me today. it is a long piece of wood (perhaps 28" x 4" x 1") painted black. then in white is written "PLease PUT it Behind The DOOR". there are just so many innate, beautifully aesthetic and functional decisions being made there... things that you couldn't think to do on any level other than subconscious and automatic. The doorstop is so functional, yet i find it amazing... especially when juxtaposed with the greater concept of just placing something behind a door. It's hard to explain in writing, perhaps i will steal it one day or at least take a picture of it... MY work on the other hand is still coming along... albeit slowly.

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