and this shall be the new portrait

long have the days been since i have done this. part of me has just been waiting to get my new site up and wanting to start everything fresh. part of me has just been lazy. and i guess that sums up a lot of my situation these days. lazy or waiting for something. my day to day has been on average the same for quite some while, however my larger life elements have been in constant shift. difficult shifts. shifts where i am unaware if my decisions or feelings are good or rational or dangerous or important. i guess its good to not have things figured out, or at least thats the advice i always give people... its harder when it hits home. i saw a red sweater the other day in the subway that hit me like no color has ever hit me before. there was just something so different about that red that it actually made me sad. it could have been some synaesthetic response i am not sure... but either way, i had to turn away from the red sweater so as not to become melancholic. i just finished cutting the sanguine velvet rope woodblocks... the printing is difficult - i fear it without a press. i want to learn more about bookbinding from BOOKLYN - but don't have the necessary time to go. i want to learn InDesign and Illustrator better... i am on my way to doing that however, which is nice. things are slow - but things are evolving. and i imagine thats good... albeit tough. enough for now. time to go get some coffee and pecan pie with my good friend adam.

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