and this shall be the new portrait

i was just eating a new dark chocolate nestle's crunch bar. and i noticed that the tin foil that used to wrap the chocolate bar is now a plastic wrapper thats made to look like the old tin foil. i am not exactly sure what the benefit is there. did they change it so the bars stay fresher? are we not eating enough nestle's crunch fast enough anymore?

despite my displeasure of this end of an era... there is a packing medium which i find timeless and beautiful. waxed paper, more specifically brown waxed paper. i find it beautiful both fresh and after its been in a pocket or wrapped around some jam.

a new great book i've encountered via a christmas gift of dutch's which is AVANT-GARDE GRAPHICS 1918-1934. that predominantly russian, lissitzkian aesthetic of black and white photomontage with red fields of color and angled text is quite beautiful. i really would like to implement that aesthetic in some new woodcuts.

another project i am about to begin is the creation of books in editions of two. i plan on this project taking a considerable amount of time and effort and result in a completely handmade book - all the way from wrapping the bookboard in linen, glueing the endpaper, saddlestitching the signatures... and obviously... printing the art. the book will be predominantly prints in a variety of simple printing methods including: woodcuts, carbon transfers, wintergreen oil transfers, inkjet transparency transfers,photocopies, polaroid transfers, etc.

it is starting to get late, and i have much to do in terms of MFA school applications, fixing the CD imagery for bart, and research for my new woodcuts.

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