and this shall be the new portrait

this weekend was spent mostly in travel. i ventured out of the city of new york to the city of harrisonburg. the chinatown bus can be a great thing. sometimes its hot and sweaty and uncomfortable... but even getting there you see curious living situations, and on the bus you pass such a noisy city so quietly that its like you're a silent voyeur.

and i really enjoy it. though i make uncomfortable faces when i see strangers that look my way. i find myself unable to not stretch my lips sideways to some odd forced smile. its not nice looking, nor does it send any message of "hello"... though i unavoidably do it.

i then drove in a car with adam hopkins, aaron gause and kate jacober through baltimore, dc and the blue ridge to my old school stomping grounds. sometimes feeling very out of place and old at JMU, sometimes really enjoying the memories that came from those places. the friends on this trip though were great, reminding me that some relationships continue to thrive even if they are not fed on a daily basis.

i played with a cat this weekend that scratched up the back of my left hand in a way that was so finely cut that the blood didn't show until a minute or two after the incision. cuts on the back of the hands are some of my favorite cuts.

i have been listening to neutral milk hotel's IN AN AEROPLANE OVER THE SEA. it is a beautiful album that i did not fully appreciate right away. however, i find the most important works of audible art take time, and i feel like this album will have a prolonged effect in my life.

i came up with a few ideas of how to make a new process piece and i am reusing my title "c'est la vis". this piece will involve the montage of images some easy and some hard, and how perspective can make certain things so trivial and others so important. i don't want to explain the idea because in words it seems less of an idea than the final product... or at least... i hope. i perhaps will put this piece in the books i am making.

this weekend i might be recording music with mike heinzer. i am jealous of the amount of music aaron and adam get to play and record. i want to get back into that routine.

i will try to swim tomorrow
i will try to stop spending money after today.
i will try to sleep more
i will try to right the many wrongs i have made.
i will try to soon gain conviction in things

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